Aplena or bust baby!  We just got back from a wonderful week and a half vacation filled with eating, drinking, swimming, fishing, boating... and cute kids.  My dad's side lives in Michigan and my mom's side drove out from Florida for a mini-family reunion.  It was so great having both sides of the family together.

We celebrated my Gramme's life with a memorial when we got there and even though we were sad, we were all laughing just remembering how sweet and light-hearted she was.

After that, it was up to Northern Michigan for a week on Long Lake.  We stayed in the Friendship Lodge, a log cabin, but a fancy one at that.  It was a blast... I'll let the pictures tell the rest of the story.

The Friendship Lodge!

We took a day trip up to Mackinac Island - if you are ever in the area, it's a must do.  It's a small, gorgeous island with no cars whatsoever.  Everything, even trash and deliveries, is transported by horse or bike.  It's also home to the Grand Hotel, one of the most stunning places I've seen.  If you do go, make sure you make a trip around the island by bike, they're available for rent everywhere.  Make it a tandem!

Funniest thing ever.  One of the first nights we got there, my uncle snapped a leg on one of the chairs around the campfire.  While that was hilarious in and of itself, it became even better when we figured out that it looked completely normal and still stood in the sand... until someone sat in it and completely collapsed.  One of those you had to be there moments, but a freaking hilarious one at that.  Half our group became victim to that chair and it got funnier each time.  I'm literally laughing out loud as I type this.

These next pictures make me melt...

Many batches of Ryan's infamous Italian mojitos were served... and sangria, lots of sangria.

And apparently lots of beer too...

It was such a wonderful time, I just love spending time with you all!  Until next summer...

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  1. yes, many wonderful memories, one of which I will have the rest of my life! thanks for documenting


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