It's Friday, Friday before a long weekend and Friday before Labor Day weekend!  And boy, am I glad.  It's been a crazy-busy couple of weeks at work and I haven't gotten much sleep this entire week, which we all know I need.  Needless to say, this long weekend timed itself perfectly.

I'm looking forward to the big college football kickoff weekend, lounging around home and hopefully completing a few projects, an end-of-summer pool party and lots of good food and drink.  Sounds like a great way to embrace the last few days of summer to me...


As for this blog, we've got some house-related stuff coming back into the mix, so stay tuned!  Is it just me, or does summer kind of throw off the whole blogging thing?

Have a wonderful weekend wrapping up summer!  One reason I love this weekend is because it means fall is officially right around the corner, my favorite season of all!

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