Get ready for a big, long post!  And it's well deserved because it's about our two year anniversary.  Time flies, but at the same time, I feel like we've been married forever, in a very good, good way.  It just feels like it's always been just us.

Anyway, onto our anniversary re-cap!  We headed up to Vail, which has now become our anniversary tradition.  Besides the fact that we love it up there, it's only a few hours away and it's breath-taking, it's also home to where we got engaged and spent our very first anniversary together.  More on that one here.

Of course, the first thing we did when we got up there was popped open a bottle of wine and had a little toast.  As for the picture of the gift bag, the sole reason I put it up is to showcase my husband's tissue paper skillz.  Cracks me up.  The even funnier part?  He put those two pieces on top and the rest of the tissue paper that came in the package was tucked into the side of the bag.

We stayed at the beautiful Tivoli Lodge again.  Highly recommended for several reasons - it's in a quaint, romantic part of Vail Village so you can walk everywhere and it's also fairly reasonably priced compared to a lot of places up there.

Two years!

Crazy cat people, we know.  This guy was so cute though!

Below is one of the most amazing houses we've ever seen.  That is not a lodge, but one house.  Crazy.  And on the right is the Lancelot Restaurant, the place we dined after Ryan popped the big question three and a half years ago.

The most important picture here... our engagement reenactment!  This is the exact spot.  Since we took one the day after our engagement and on our anniversary last year, it provides for some good entertainment, considering I think some people around us actually thought we were getting engaged at that moment.

Dinner was at Up The Creek, an adorable little restaurant that overlooks the creek and our engagement spot, so naturally it's a fav.  We dined on lamb and short rib that was to. die. for.

 Ryan and his good pal Al.

Breakfast before our big hike.

Next sentimental stop was Pepi's Bar, where we grabbed a few drinks Ryan had a drink of liquid courage before proposing.

Another Vail must-do is hiking Booth Falls.  This is one of my favorite hikes.  It's all uphill but not super-rigorous.  The view from the top is just amazing.  You hike up a canyon to get to the waterfall, which you can get right down into, pictures of that to come.  You also get an incredible look at the mountains across the highway.

Here's my husband dangling off those falls I was talking about... romantic, huh?  It was kinda crazy being up there, but this picture makes it look a lot more dangerous that it was, so don't worry moms :)

Pic below pretty much sums us up.  Oh, our future children are so lucky...

The covered bridge, an icon of Vail.

The next place we gorged ourselves at was Bully Ranch.  Our first time there and we loved it.  Since we went fancy the night before, nothing sounded better than a burger and fries.  And a couple of mojitos.

And ice cream.

We then took a walk around Vail to a lot of places we'd never been to before, like this amazeballs playground.  Kids these days are so lucky!

We then wandered over to the Vail Lodge and passed some incredible homes on the way.

We had heard about the Betty Ford Alpine Gardens before, but had never gone.  Turns out, it's right past the lodge and we just happened to stumble upon it on our walk.  There are all kinds of flowers and a wonderful park to walk around.  The perfect way to spend a summer evening up there.

One last food stop.  The Little Diner.  A little hole-in-the-wall that you would never find unless by word of mouth.  If your up there, go here.

The atmosphere is really unique, with a completely open kitchen and all the diners sitting at a bar surrounding it.

My breakfast is below... I saw the word "pancake" in a red box indicating it was a favorite, so I went for it.  I didn't regret it one bit.  It was a German pancake, technically called a "Pfannkuchen."  And yes, it was bigger than my head.  Ryan helped though.

Look how sweet this is, the store across from the diner was having a sale in our honor!  Haha, I take too many pictures, I think.

We'll end the recap with one more weird blurry one of the two of us.  The past year truly has been the best yet.  Love you with everything I am babe.  You're the best, forever.


  1. Monica7/06/2012

    Awwww!!! I love it!!! This is such a sweet and heartfelt post!! Congrats to you both on your 2 year anniversary with many more to come!! I also love all the pics, so cute!!

  2. Anonymous7/06/2012

    so cute! i'm glad you two lovebirds had a blast. cant wait to see your mug next week. xoxox


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