Once you're married and thinking about the rest of your lives and whether or not that includes kiddos, definite yes for us God-willing, and when you want them, you also start thinking about the stuff you want to cross off your bucket list before you do have kids and all these things become too irresponsible, unpractical, expensive or time-consuming.  Or you just don't want to do anything else at all because you want to snuggle all day with your babe.  That's all you do when you have a baby right?  Sit there and snuggle?  Kidding... I'm sure my delusions of what pregnancy and mothering entail deserve a post of their own for another day.

Anyway, almost an entire year ago (you can tell time has passed since we've crossed a few things off), we came up with a fun little list of to-dos that we would enjoy taking advantage of before it's more than just the two of us around here.  So we've already been crossing stuff off for almost 12 months.

NOTE: I know this is overly ambitious and I am perfectly aware that all of these things will not happen before kids come along, so don't get impatient if it's awhile down the road and we still haven't gone to Vegas.  Also, as I started, I started this list awhile ago and in just that time frame I've found myself caring less and less about the stuff on this list... take it for what you will...

1.  Go wine-tasting at a vineyard
2.  Go on a hot air balloon ride
3.  Go on a vacation with friends
4.  Figure out vocational ideas
5.  Enjoy going to the bathroom alone (TMI? sorry, just heard this is something to be treasured right now)
6.  Go to Vegas
7.  Figure out where we want to buy a house and settle down
8.  Buy a house
9.  Run a half-marathon together
10.  Get the bugs out of our relationship (the little everyday bumps you first encounter that just take time to settle out as you go from two entities to one; I would give this a partial cross-off because I think the settling in period can take at least five years or so)
11.  Take folic acid for at least 3 months (I've been doing this for more than a year now! yay!)
12.  Purchase a DSLR camera and learn how to use it
13.  Take an impromptu weekend getaway
14.  Get our finances in order this is another one that takes tweaking as time passes
15.  Drink a bottle of wine on a weeknight (OK, we totally do this all the time right now)
16.  Make our own homemade beer and another batch of homemade wine
17.  Purge our house, mainly the guest bedrooms and storage (working on this currently!)
18.  Go back to Mexico
19.  Sleep in, sleep in, sleep in
20.  Be married for a couple of years (we're coming up on that in less than two weeks! crazy exciting!)

Oh, and I just added one more:

21.  Convince at least a few of my close friends to start having babies so we can be in it together!  Takers?

Anyway, most of these things are just that - things.  There are a few, however, that are musts.  But then again, if it happened tomorrow, everything would still be amazing even if not a single item was crossed off.  We know God has a plan that is greater than our own.  It's funny how in control you want to be, especially with this type of thing, when in fact, you are very much not in control.

And just for fun, here's a little me-specific list that I'm going to enjoy while I can!

1.  Eat sushi
2.  Use my electric blanket
3.  Drink beer, drink wine, drink cocktails
4.  Play with Samurai swords (Knocked Up anyone?)
5.  Highlight my hair
6.  Jump on trampolines
7.  DRINK COFFEE, or more like start weaning myself off coffee so I don't go into shock
8.  Eat cookie dough
9.  Spray paint stuff
10. Kick my husband's butt when we wrestle... I could probably still do this anyway, but he might feel bad if I'm preggo, so I better do it now!

Whew... tons of words, tons to think about, tons to just give to God.  Thoughts anyone?  Especially from any current mommas or mommas-to-be on bucket list crossing off?  I would love to hear your take on this if you've experienced it or not.


  1. I'll play with samurai swords with you. And drink beer/wine/cocktails. Although I'm not entriely sure that we should be doing both at the same time.

  2. Well, guess tomorrow's lunch Danny and I are taking you out for Sushi! For vocational ideas, I suggest School Psychologist. My patio chairs need to be spray painted black, so we will let you do that. For your birthday, I'm thinking beer/wine making stuff. So, I taken several off the list. Guess I want to be a Grandma!!

  3. Seems like you have crossed a lot off in just one year, so I will be looking forward to the news anytime :)

  4. Sooo, I can help with the spray painting! I have a lot of experience with that! I think it's time for you to use your Christmas present and let me book that time-share to Mexico for you with a stop in Las Vegas! I think we also have the miles on frontier for the flights! Lets get going on this! Your mom and I are ready to be grandmas!! Love you so much Chelsea, thanks for making my son such a happy, content man. <3


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