As a follow-up to the little teaser I gave you a few days ago of our Bolder Boulder adventures... here's the rest of the story.

Bolder is packed during Memorial Day weekend, complete with an art festival and people crowded onto Pearl Street all day long.  While we were wandering around, we stumbled upon this little tent that was doing free pictures... and you know I didn't pass that up.  Cheesy, yes, but it was free.

Backing up now, before we even got up there, we stopped at the REI in Denver.  Gorgeous building, but four stories of hiking boots later, I was done.  Ryan thoroughly enjoyed it thought, he's been wanting to go there for a few years now and we just got around to doing it.

Now we're in Bolder again, specifically, the Outlook hotel.  Very fun and eclectic.

And just in case you forgot where you were, you have this sign to remind you.  For those non-Coloradoans, Bolder is very green and hippie-esque.

That's me above, dutifully chugging water, and to the right, my store!  Not really, but it's spelled the right way.  Side note - I just spelled "right" "wright"... apparently I need my coffee a little quicker this morning.

Alternate route suggested... I'm sure, considering there's over 60,000 people that run it and another 100,000 that watch!

In good Bolder tradition, we dined at Pasta Jay's the night before.  This place is seriously good, from their garlic bread to the baked pasta dishes to the overall ambiance.

Water and wine... our two drinks of choice.

For the race, we wanted to run it in under an hour, so to keep us on track, I busted out an old high school trick and wrote our splits on my hand, with a little smiley face, of course.  And we did it!  We ran the race together and came in at 58 minutes.  So proud of my hubby turned runner!

The Flatirons, gorgeous.

With that, we headed back home, proud and sore.  A little BBQ at the 'rents for Memorial Day wrapped up a great weekend.

Here we are... Team Chy!  Again, so proud of you babe!

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