You know I love my neutrals - blacks, whites, grays, browns, creams - I love them.  Our wedding colors were even black and white and if you ask me, there's no better color combination.  Our first place was filled with them too, and not only because I'm partial to them, but because the walls, carpet, tile and counters were all a grayish-blueish color that didn't allow for much else.  Case in point...


Just looking at those makes me miss our little place!  It will always be so special.  Anyway, now that we have a house in which we can paint, put holes in, rip down wallpaper, replace light fixtures, etc. I have been craving some color!

I want to keep the large, expensive, permanent fixtures (such as couches, light fixtures and furniture) neutral and inject color with accessories.  This way they can be easily and cheaply switched out whenever we want.  We'll be able to change up the look of our house for seasons, when we get tired of the current stuff, or just as time goes on and our style changes.  Sidenote - I like how I keep saying "we" and "our" as if Ryan's #1 concern is our decor, haha.

All that being said, I've found that decorating with color is intimidating!  I completely agree with antiques dealer Joel Chen when he said...

“There are so many beautiful things in the world and so many ways to put them together, I just can’t make up my mind.”

This is exactly how I feel as I'm trying to figure out what color scheme, style, and feel we're going for.  Modern and cozy?  Colorful and eclectic?  Simple and understated?  I've bought some fun stuff lately but I'm wondering if it's totally mis-matched.  There is a very fine line between a space looking too matchy-matchy and it looking completely uncoordinated.

So to help narrow down some of my ideas, I've put together some of my favorite color-infused images via Pinterest.  Let me know what you like!

This first one is probably my favorite.  It's modern, cozy and warm.


Here's another great one that's fun and eclectic with great pops of color.


This next one is great - I would never leave my bedroom if this was it!


Another wonderfully eclectic cozy living area, I think this is my favorite kind of style.


I love, love, love these images and the energy they bring to a home.  Now I just have to figure out how to bring everything together in our home.  Hopefully this will help streamline the process so we don't end up with a place that looks like a bag of Skittles threw up all over.  No good.  I'll have to re-visit these images often as inspiration.  Just writing this post makes me enthused!

Happy Friday as well!



Hopefully you all had a good weekend.  Ours was fun and relaxing - pizza and beer Friday night; yard work, lunch with my brother, an (unintentional) 6.4 mile run, and dinner and drinks at Another Pint on Saturday; church, shopping, lunch and cocktails yesterday.

Pretty good weekend in my book.  Anyway, onto something (not) equally as exciting - kale chips... you either love 'em or you hate 'em.  I happen to love them, but really just because they're a healthy sneaky way of eating a salty snack.  Every once and awhile we use our extra kale (yes, we have that lying around fairly often as a result of Ryan's daily green smoothies) to make these kale chips.

If you've never had kale before, this is the way to try it.  It can be good cooked up or steamed, but the stems can be pretty fibrous and chewy.  Also good in a green smoothies with a bunch of other fruits and veggies.  Onto the recipe:

  • one bunch of kale
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • seasoning: use whatever you like here - garlic, herbs, chicken or steak seasoning, etc.  It's also great with just EVOO, salt and pepper alone.

1.  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.
2.  Wash kale and use a knife to "shave off" bunches of it.  If there are any large stems, try to cut those out individually.
3.  Arrange on a baking sheet and cover liberally with olive oil, salt, pepper and whatever seasoning you prefer and toss to coat the kale evenly.
4.  Bake for 10 to 15 minutes.  Once it is slightly crisp, it's ready.
5.  Enjoy and congratulate your self for making a moderately healthy yet salty snack!  The best of both worlds, right?



Good morning!  During my daily browsing on Joss & Main, I came across these ceramics by Jill Rosenwald.  Now, Joss & Main has good stuff on their site every single day, but once in awhile, I come across something that is just amazing... and these ceramics are it!  They're gorgeous...


All the pieces are stunning, but these are definitely my favorites.  They are officially added to my wish list.  Have a wonderful Thursday, we're almost to the warm, sunny weekend!

P.S.  Go check out Michaela Noelle Designs today for a sneak peek at some ideas we've got going on for our entryway, and some great tips about them in general.



Hello!  I'm here today linking up with Michaela Noelle Designs to let you know what I'm loving this week and what I'm not-so-much loving as well.  Enjoy!

 She Loves Me:

1.   Williams-Sonoma Mango Passion Fruit margarita mix: this stuff is bliss.  We have loved their margarita mixers ever since some of our good friends got us a few bottles for a wedding gift, and this one is definitely one of the best yet.


2.  Planter baskets: I love these baskets from West Elm.  Just look...


3.  Our little backyard: it may be small, but we are enjoying it almost every night when it's warm out.  This below is not our backyard, however, I wish it was.


4.  Random texts from the hubby: he can be kind of funny sometimes, and yes, we're weird like this.  He had just read a line in the book we're reading in our small group about mixing it up in the little everyday things, so he decided to throw a "yo" out there.

5.  iPhone tricks: my (nerdy) husband taught me this one to save your iPhone's battery life and it really makes a difference.  Double click the home button and all your open applications will show up at the bottom.  Press and hold one of the icons and then press all the - signs to close them out.  It just closes the open applications and saves your battery.  Then you just open the app you need like normal!


She Loves Me Not:

1.   Broken toilets, leaks and broken garbage disposals: we absolutely love being homeowners, but it does mean that the house's problems, are your problems.  I'll spare you an actual picture and just put a cartoon, k?  You're welcome.


 2.  Dead grass: our dead grass, rather.  We moved in during the middle of winter, but it has now become apparent that our yard needs some TLC.  The fact that the neighbor's yard is bright green doesn't help either!

That's it for today!  Must be a good day if I could only think of two love-me-nots.  They'll probably start coming to me throughout the afternoon, right?  Oh well, have a good one!



I love the blank slate that is our entryway and why I am oh-so-grateful they didn't wallpaper that area like many others in our home, I am itching to put something there to make it look more welcoming and put together.  Right now, it looks like this... definitely blank.

So what else would I do but head over to Pinterest, specifically my "Indoors" board, and gather some inspiration for the space.  I would like to put a table/bench/console on the blank wall with some decoration on and above it.  There's not a ton of room and two doors open into the area, so it will be a bit of a challenge filling up the space while still keeping the area open and functional.

Here's a few ideas that I'm loving for our entryway.  After putting these together, I found that apparently I'm going for a console table, a few stools tucked underneath it, a big mirror, a lamp, and a pop of color:


Anyone else trying to fill a big mass of nothing?  Any ideas?  Your thoughts are always welcome.  On another note, what was up with that snow?  We had some good friends over for dinner Saturday night and when they were leaving, we opened the door to a good four inches!  Definitely had no clue it was snowing all night... springtime in the Rockies, right?

Have a wonderful week everyone!



Here in Colorado we've had 90 degree days full of sunshine, 20 degree days with six inches of snow, and a crazy rainstorm complete with lightning and thunder... all in the past couple of weeks.  But with that rainstorm last night (dare I say?), I feel like spring may finally be making its way to stay.  Don't get me wrong, I know we'll see snow again before summer, but things are officially turning green around here.

All that to say, it inspired a fun springy moodboard in bright sunny yellow.  And who doesn't love yellow + gray these days?

Have a happy Thursday!  The weekend is within sight!



As our pastor said this past weekend, "Hope, forgiveness, significance and fulfillment … these Life-giving Truths all hinge on whether He actually rose from the dead or not."  How amazing is it to know that He is risen, He is risen indeed?!

Just in time, our little tree started blooming this weekend!

This past Easter weekend marked the first major holiday in our dating/marriage history that Ryan and I spent together just the two of us.  And it was wonderful.  I wouldn't give up being close to our family for the world, but there was something special about being able to just relax and not drive anywhere on a holiday.

We had a delicious dinner of smoked salmon, coconut kale and potato salad.

And of course we finished it off with my all-time favorite seasonal candy...

Hope you had a wonderful Easter, whether with friends, family or a spouse.



It's about time for the infamous "life according to my iPhone and Instagram" post... so here is just that... get ready for a photo dump.  It is about time for some pictures of our lives on this blog though, right?

snowy day at the office // rose from the hubs // inspiration // our babies

 color! // green smoothie // leopard print flats // light fixture for our dining room

 our front door // scrabble // our street // eye candy

 baby girl // nuggets game // delish bbq // baby boy

 forks // no heat curls // sign // clouds on the drive to work

 st. patty's day treat // little paw // shades // handsome

 new coffee gadget // mexican for dinner // corner of our home // jamba

 folly pack // constant reminder // bright blue eyes // anthro candle

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and a joyous Easter.  Be back soon!



Today, and everyday, I am thankful for:
  • my husband - besides my faith, he is the greatest gift I've been given, he is exactly what I need and it is amazing to see pieces of why God brought us together.  I knew when I married him that it was the best decision I'd made, but God was so much more all-knowing in how and why we are together.  The hubs also works so hard at everything he does and really is one of the most passionate people I know... whether he's designing websites or making dinner.
  • my family - we have been through so much and are so strong, I would not trade them for the world and am beyond blessed that they are the ones I'm doing life with.  I always remember thinking when I was young, looking around at other families that I was so lucky... now I know it's not luck but still feel the same exact way.
  • specifically, my parents - I am blessed to have been raised by them and admire their dedication to one another and their children.  I am so very thankful for their strong marriage that is the foundation for our family, after all, they are going on 35 years this year!  It's also wonderful knowing how much they support Ryan and I, and our marriage and how close we have all gotten over the years.
  • specifically, my siblings - they are my best friends and can make me laugh like no one else, the bond I have with them is incredibly strong and always will be.  I love you two more than you know.
  • my husband's relationship with his father - it is so comforting to know that my husband has such a Godly role model in his life and someone he can always lean on, he has been a great support for us both over the past five years and is a rare example of what it means to be truly selfless.
  • my in-laws - you all love Ryan and I like there's no tomorrow and we never take that for granted.
  • my best friends - each of you is in my life for a specific reason and I'm so grateful you are, I love you all and need to see you often.
  • co-workers - you know who you are, thanks for letting me talk and making me laugh.
  • The Day-Afters - you guys rock, we get so much more out of our group and each individual than we thought we would.
Sometimes you need to take a step back... these bullet points are not for the purpose of spouting off a list of the good things in life, but rather a perspective check.