When I saw these hanging vases for sale at Joss & Main, I was this close to putting them in my cart and excitedly waiting their arrival.  After a few seconds though, I knew I could make some of my own and that hopefully it would be simple to do, which it really was.

I love the simplicity of them and I'm thrilled by a new way to display flowers since I really love having fresh flowers, but if they're left out, there will only be shredded petals by the end of the day, thanks to the cats.  Anyway, all you need is three or four small glass vases, some wire, and something to hang them by.

I started by wrapping the wire around the top of each jar, and then left some space between the rest of the jars, then strung it to the next one.  You could wrap it around as few or as many times as you like.  I preferred the look of wrapping it around several times.

Next, I wrapped the top of the wire around a pencil several times to create a little loophole to hang them by, twisted to secure it, and was done.  I bought jars with little corks, which I love the look of, but for now, they're sporting some fresh leaves to (hopefully) welcome in spring.

P.S.  I just realized that today is the first day of spring!  I would like to pretend that I planned this for today, but I did not.  Happy Tuesday!


  1. Cute! Where are these in the house?

  2. Thanks! Right now they're hanging by the front door, but for the pictures they were hanging on the big blank wall in the kitchen... we'll see where they end up.


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