When I saw these hanging vases for sale at Joss & Main, I was this close to putting them in my cart and excitedly waiting their arrival.  After a few seconds though, I knew I could make some of my own and that hopefully it would be simple to do, which it really was.

I love the simplicity of them and I'm thrilled by a new way to display flowers since I really love having fresh flowers, but if they're left out, there will only be shredded petals by the end of the day, thanks to the cats.  Anyway, all you need is three or four small glass vases, some wire, and something to hang them by.

I started by wrapping the wire around the top of each jar, and then left some space between the rest of the jars, then strung it to the next one.  You could wrap it around as few or as many times as you like.  I preferred the look of wrapping it around several times.

Next, I wrapped the top of the wire around a pencil several times to create a little loophole to hang them by, twisted to secure it, and was done.  I bought jars with little corks, which I love the look of, but for now, they're sporting some fresh leaves to (hopefully) welcome in spring.

P.S.  I just realized that today is the first day of spring!  I would like to pretend that I planned this for today, but I did not.  Happy Tuesday!



Get ready for a wild and colorful room... I created this moodboard for a design contest on Olioboard for a new spring line they're featuring from Zinc Door.  It ended up placing pretty well so thanks to you that voted for me faithfully!

This one was pretty fun to put together, I must admit.  With all the color, pattern, and texture, it was go big or go home.

Hope you all had a fun weekend!  Judging by my Facebook feed, everyone had a great St. Patrick's Day.  We ended up grabbing Mexican food on Saturday ironically, but it was pretty good... but really, when is a margarita not good?!



Happy Friday everyone!  Hopefully your week was better than mine and you didn't go to work in your slippers and then lock yourself out of your house.  Doesn't matter though, because the weekend is here!

Since tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day, I wanted to share a fun treat with the obligatory touch of green, Mint Julep cupcakes.  I originally made these awhile ago because Mint Julep cocktails have become a summer staple in our family, my dad's specialty.  They would make a great St. Patty's day treat though and you have to admit they're pretty cute.  I'm sure they would also pair well with a good Irish beer.  Cheers!



Today I'm linking up with Michaela Noelle Designs in her She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series to go over what I'm loving right now... annnd what I'm really not.  Enjoy!

She Loves Me:

1.  Being outside: with an entire week of temperatures in the 70s, it's making me giddy for summertime... of course we'll have snow between now and then, but for now, I'm loving it.  I would also love it if this were my deck...


2.  Good lighting:  we just replaced all the light bulbs in our house and it makes such a difference!  It's amazing how much good lighting can affect your mood.


3.  Stripes:  I always have loved them and always will, especially in black and white... yum.


4.  Running:  my husband and I just signed up for the Bolder Boulder 10K so it's time to get it in gear!

 She Loves Me Not:

1.  Girl Scout Cookies:  I love the actual cookies, but I do not love that they are at every entrance, to every building that I ever walk into.  It either makes me feel bad and fight cravings if I don't buy them or it makes me buy another box... and eat them all.


2.  Taxes:  I'm sure everyone is with me on this one, except you've probably done yours already.  We're a bit behind this year and with the fact that we just bought a house, they're going to be even more tedious, ugh.


3.  Wallpaper:  if you've talked to me in the past month or so, you know how I feel about it.  It's all over and we have to take it down.

4.  My ever-and-always growing to do list:  I love lists themselves (nerd alert, I know) but I'm just not loving the fact that there seems to be more being added on than crossed off recently.

So there you have it... feel free to link up and share what you're loving and what you're not.  Happy Wednesday!



I picked up some of these amazing gold pods in Fort Collins a few months ago and I cannot wait to find the perfect place for them.  I actually spotted them at a little boutique when we were up there last summer but didn't buy them.  Then, when we went back there in December, I knew I had to have them and decided to take them home with me as an early Christmas present.


A few weeks after I bought them, I saw them pop up on Cupcakes and Cashmere and applauded myself for actually getting them this time.


They're all handmade and unique... aren't they amazing?!  Now I've just got to figure out where to put them and what kind of formation to put them in... suggestions welcome!



There have been many times we've wanted to buy a big piece of furniture to replace our hand-me-downs and outdated college furniture, but we've always held off since we were renting.  Now that we have a place owned under our own two names though, we can finally start making some investment purchases.

That's not to say we're going to run out and completely furnish our whole house all at once... definitely not.  But we have bought a few things that fit our house and our lifestyle and that we expect to have for awhile.

Like a couch... the one below is one I bought during my college years and while it's done the job so far, it was too small for the space, and frankly, for both of us.  Someone (usually the hubs) always ended up with feet in their face and having people over meant sitting on the floor.  We wanted a sectional so we could fits lots of people, a neutral but not bland color, and a modern but comfy style.

We looked at pretty much every furniture store here in the Springs and then headed up to Denver.  After a trip to Ikea without much luck (at least in the couch department, we did find some other good stuff there), Ryan suggested we head over to the random furniture store next door.  Sure enough, we hit the jackpot... but first, a couple of before shots:

And now for our brand new beauty!  I have to give Ryan credit not only for finding the store, but also the couch itself.  He found it way back in the corner, and there was only one.  The color is a bit dark and saturated in this picture, but it's closest to the shade on the left under the lamp, a warm gray.

We love the fact that we can both sprawl out on it and the chaise is more than comfy.  Plus, it was a third of the price of the other couches we looked at!

Here's a somewhat awkward shot, just to show how it fits in the room...

So there you go!  Our first big home purchase... aww, we're growing up apparently.  Ok, I'm done talking about a couch now, thanks for sticking with me.  Have a wonderful (and warm!) weekend everyone!



Chicken Marbella is one of the tastiest, simplest, most impressive meals you can make.  My mom first made it for us about a year ago, and we've made it numerous times since, especially when we have guests over.

It is easy to put together yet looks like you slaved for hours in the kitchen.  It also makes for some of the juiciest chicken you'll ever have.  My favorite part is the abundance of olives and sweetened prunes, but even if you aren't partial to those, the chicken is still delicious.

Ok, so I've actually never made it, but Ryan has many times and it just seems to get better and better.  I'll happily just do my part and eat it up.  You can find the recipe here.  Enjoy!



Since we're starting to feel pretty settled in at our new home (do not mistake settled in for unpacked, organized or decorated, however) I thought it would be a good idea to put together some photos that are serving as inspiration for the "look" we're going for here.

Of course I put together a Pinterest board, which you can find here, to keep all these images in one place.  Seriously, what did we all do before Pinterest?!

What we're going for is dramatic dark and light tones, pops of color, and a modern but natural vibe... here are some of my favorites:


Should be fun!  Happy Monday, hope you have a wonderful week!



Today is March 1st.  That means I'm finally due for my phone upgrade and will now be just like the rest of you with an iPhone.  I'm more exited about pinning, tweeting and sharing photos than I should be... oh, and Facetiming with the hubby.

To kick it off, I'm doing the March Photo-A-Day Challenge through Twitter.  Click here to follow me and join in on the fun yourself... it's all up to your interpretation!