So you've seen our place empty, but obviously it didn't stay like that for long.  Probably about an hour.  Then it was overcome with boxes, boxes, and more boxes.  And then a few more boxes.  And then one more box.  And then we unpacked said boxes... at least a good amount of them.

In our unpacking, we developed a highly sophisticated method and it goes like this: 1) unpack all boxes in one room then take anything that doesn't belong in that room and dump it in the next room 2) unpack the next room and take everything that doesn't belong in there and dump it in the third room 3) etc., etc., etc. until all rooms are semi-unpacked and the random/unimportant stuff is piled up in the guest bedroom great unknown.  This method has proven to be fairly effective given one important task - keep the guest bedroom door closed at all times.  What you don't see, doesn't exist... until you want it to (or until you need a sports bra to go cross-country skiing... and in which case getting that sports bra from the guest room is the physical equivalent to cross-country skiing).

Moving on from my rambling... we invite you to see what our place looked like one week in.  This time you can have a seat!

Yes, "Friends" was on for about a week straight as we were unpacking.  It was a must.  By the way, we've since made our first big furniture purchase for our home and switched out the couch above for a cozy sectional, pics to come soon.

While we're on that note, we also got a new dining room table, that I love.  I had some strict guidelines for what my dining room table needed to do and the one we got lives up to them plus some.  More on that soon as well.

Onto the kitchen.  Ignore the wallpaper, valence and curtains mmkay?  The valance got the ax only a few days in and the plan is for the wallpaper to get the same fate very soon.

The next picture of the kitchen should be easier on your eyes... no red and yellow model home decor.

Heading upstairs and starting with our master closet... this was supposed to be the proof that we share it 50/50 but somehow I forgot to document the other side.  I promise we do though!

The next few shots are strictly in the interest of keeping it real, as you can tell.

This would be the great unknown referenced earlier.

Last but not least, our bedroom.  The paint color looks so wonky in these pictures!  I have decided that I want to paint it a lighter color to make it a bit airier in here since it can be a little dark.

So there you have it - our living conditions a week after we called this place home.  It's come a little bit since then but we have yet to tackle any really big projects.  Here's to the beginning of our never-ending-but-in-a-good-way journey in our home!

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