As you probably know, I love Valentine's Day.  The red and pink, the treats, the lovey-dovey-ness, I just love it all.  So I thought that since Cupid is set to make his appearance tomorrow, it would be a good time to round up some fun Valentine's crafts that have caught my eye lately.

Starting with an adorable doormat, complete with glitter.

via Made By Girl
If you're looking for something sweet and simple to do for your man (and we all know food is the key here), why not make him some man food, a.k.a. bacon, in the shape of a heart?

Here's one of my favorites... sugar cookie conversation hearts.  The little candies are sweet and reminiscent, but in my opinion, taste like chalk.  Sugar cookies on the other hand?  Delish.

via Cupcakes and Cashmere
While we're on the subject of re-inventing treats, why not make some X and O s'mores?!  They call for homemade graham crackers and would make an awesome little surprise.

via House of Earnest
This wrapping paper below cracks me up and would be oh-so-perfect for my geek of a husband.  There is a free printable so if you get your fair share of bits and bytes talk like I do, this would be perfect for wrapping up a fun little gadget, or as mentioned above, food.  Food + geekiness = my husband.  Love you babe!

via 7th House on the Left
What about you?  Any fun Valentine's Day projects or crafts or treats?  Do share.  We're planning on each making each other a homemade pizza tomorrow night and the only requirement is that it must be in the shape of a heart.  Should be fun!

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