To ring in the new year, we headed back up to Keystone with our good, good friends and pretty much camped out and drank champagne in their mountain condo all weekend long.  It was wonderful.

To convince ourselves that we weren't completely lazy all four days, we went ice-skating at the lake their condo overlooks.  Makes you feel young and old-fashioned... until your husband comes up behind you and pushes you, making you go too fast for comfort so you turn around and push him, making him fall and hit his head (softly).  Sorry babe, love you.

Couple One and Couple Two.  Thanks for letting us vacay with you on yet another amazing trip.  We love you guys.

New Year's Eve night we headed out for dinner, but not before stopping at this ice bar for an early flute of champagne.

We then had an amazing dinner of steak au poivre and delicious warm drinks.  Oh, and Joe Sakic was sitting right behind us with his entire family.  We know this with certainty because we Googled a picture of him and his wife and it was definitely her by his side.  The rest of dinner was spent hyperventilating by a certain individual... pretty sweet birthday present though!

Back to the condo to celebrate with our little god-daughter.

A little late-night adventure to the ice sculptures... it was fuh-reezing, but not near as bad as last year, where it was an unheard of -45 degrees.

This should be it for all the holiday posts.  We hope you and yours have a wonderfully blessed 2012!

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