Hi there!  We just wanted to provide a quick update on our closing/moving/unpacking situation since we haven't checked in since we wrapped up the tour of our last place and were preparing to close on our first house.

The closing, final walk-through and moving process went extremely smooth.  We met the seller and were pretty touched by how sad they were to be leaving the home.  You can definitely feel the good vibes in there.  Signing all the documents, which I promise isn't as bad as people think it is, went well.  My short background in that arena definitely helped along the way though.  After the closing, it was straight to our new house!  Where we did a little huge-over-the-top-all-throughout-the-house-while-yelling-and-dancing-and-hugging happy dance.

Needless to say, we're over the moon in our new place and over the past several days, it's become increasingly apparent how perfect our home is for us.  We'll keep you posted on everything as it unfolds, or should I say, unpacks.

P.S. Yes, it does feel strange that we are now married homeowners.  Those kinds of people are old, right?!

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