Wahoo!  I wish I had as much energy as that little proclamation does.  After a week of moving, unpacking, conducting health evaluations at 6:00am for work this past week and attending a few social events... I am spent.

But really looking forward to settling in a bit more and seeing good friends!  I have a post about hitting the jackpot on a home-shopping spree, pictures of our house and a few good recipes in the works.  Stay tuned folks.

Have a fabulously relaxing weekend!



Hi there!  We just wanted to provide a quick update on our closing/moving/unpacking situation since we haven't checked in since we wrapped up the tour of our last place and were preparing to close on our first house.

The closing, final walk-through and moving process went extremely smooth.  We met the seller and were pretty touched by how sad they were to be leaving the home.  You can definitely feel the good vibes in there.  Signing all the documents, which I promise isn't as bad as people think it is, went well.  My short background in that arena definitely helped along the way though.  After the closing, it was straight to our new house!  Where we did a little huge-over-the-top-all-throughout-the-house-while-yelling-and-dancing-and-hugging happy dance.

Needless to say, we're over the moon in our new place and over the past several days, it's become increasingly apparent how perfect our home is for us.  We'll keep you posted on everything as it unfolds, or should I say, unpacks.

P.S. Yes, it does feel strange that we are now married homeowners.  Those kinds of people are old, right?!



Welcome back for the last piece of our first place reveal we've been doing this week.  I meant to post these pictures months ago as our place evolved, but what can I say, posts about our cats and other random updates somehow squeezed in there before these did.  I guess the fact that we're only here a few more days is what motivated me to get these up.

We absolutely loved this place.  It was the perfect home for us as newlyweds and although we cannot wait to get into our new house and turn it into ours, it is sad to leave here.  Tonight we'll enjoy our last night and do some final cleaning and packing.  Then tomorrow - it's time to become homeowners!

As I've mentioned before, we didn't buy any big furnishings and used exactly what we had to put our place together.  So just pretend that the mismatched furniture, different colors of wood and lack of headboard are charming and eclectic, mmkay?

With that being said, the last stop on the tour-de-Tollis is our master bedroom, so come on in!  Going along with the charming theme, here's a fun picture of some lights we hung over our bed during the holidays...

... and what the room looks like normally.

Can you guess one of the things I'm most looking forward to in our new house?  How about not having to share a closet that is approximately twelve square feet?  Yes please.

Here's our little attached bathroom .  Again, yay for not having to share one sink.  Although this morning we did treasure the fact that it was one of our last times dribbling toothpaste down our chins and water all over the counter as we both tried to squeeze our heads over the sink.

Well, thanks for stopping by and allowing us to give you a little tour of our first place.  We loved it and are glad you cared enough to drop by and check it out.  Now out with the old and in with the new - we'll see you in our first home!

P.S. I moved the post about our first family room right up behind this one so they're all together now.  Scroll down to take a look!


Here's a self-titled post I have been looking forward to for awhile - our first home and the place where we have nested for over a year.  We would love to buy a house soon, but I love our little condo that has become home to so many memories over the first year of our marriage.  We renewed our lease for another six months and can go month-to-month from there.  Our landlords were kind enough to allow us to shorten the lease as we begin looking for a house.

A couple of notes before the pictures - first of all, I like the color our condo is painted, however, I do not like it on every wall... and the carpets... and the tile... in every room.  If we could, of course we would paint.  That obviously, is not an option in the world of renting, at least for condos, so we just did our best to decorate around it.  This meant trying to neutralize the abundance of the blueish/grayish/greenish color everywhere by decorating with neutral colors.  In a house, I would love some pops of fun, cheery color, but for now we're keeping it neutral.  I think this will actually help when decorating a home because it will give us a wide-open canvas and we won't be tied down to any one color palette.  Second, although I was quite messy during my college days, I am now quite the neat pin, as my mom calls me.  That being said, these pictures were taken after cleaning for a get-together we were having so it pretty much looks as clean as it gets around here.  Third, I have a ton of ideas for reupholstering and re-doing once we do find a house.  Almost everything in our condo is stuff we've scored from family members or a thrifty find - work with what you have type stuff.

I originally had all the pictures of our entire place in one post but even though our place is small, the post was a bit long, so I decided to do these posts room by room.  I'll include before pictures if I have them.

This first set was taken about six months ago...

And this set is what the room currently looks like...

One more thing - a big shout-out to my Aunt Jackie, cousin AnnMarie and cousin-in-law Kathleen.  We got access to our condo shortly before we were married and I was crazy enough to want to unpack everything so we could come home to a "home" and not a bunch of boxes.  They spent an entire afternoon unpacking the place with me and I am still so thankful!  It definitely looks different from the day we unpacked but they sure did help out in turning it from a sea of boxes into a little nest.



Featured today is our second bedroom, which we used as an office, which before that was the spare room where everything got dumped and nothing got put away.  The pictures below are what it looks like minus the approximate three feet of clutter that was usually found behind the door... if you could open it.  If you were ever a guest at our place in the early days, you know what we're talking about, and you know I'm not exaggerating.

For the most part we used this area as a little study that housed the computer and provided a bunch of storage.  We decided against using it as a guest bedroom since we really needed the extra space and most guests stayed at my parent's house.  Not any more though... I cannot wait to set up a guest bedroom in our new house, have friends and family stay with us, and put little mints on the pillow for whoever wants to come stay!  Ryan will also make you a fabulous coffee drink in the morning - latte, americano, espresso - you choose.

A pattern is emerging with these "our first" posts - I ramble.  So again, without further word vomit by me, here's our first study and the guest bathroom, package deal.  Oh to get rid of the glass desk and five-armed lamp!

Check back tomorrow for the reveal of our master bedroom.  Yep, we're inviting you on in.  That will wrap up our first place reveal and you will have received the whole tour of our little honeymoon condo.  After that, we're moving into our first house and will have an obscene amount to share with you, I'm sure.



In continuation of the reveal of our first place this week, here's the entry way and dining room.  This is one of the spaces that I never really finished because we didn't want to invest in a larger table or other furnishings before we bought a house.  Just in case it didn't work and we'd have to replace things.  So this is definitely one of those work-with-what-you-have spaces.

One of the many actually... we didn't purchase anything major during our year-and-a-half stay here just because we knew we'd be getting a house soon and wanted to hold off on the larger purchases until we knew what we'd be working with.  But we still love it, nonetheless.

Ok, now I'm done talking... onto the entryway and dining room:

See you tomorrow!  Packing and cleaning are in full-force around here this week.  Our place definitely doesn't look like the above picture anymore.



We're moving this weekend and this fact is nothing short of crazy to us.  I think it's one of those things that hits you once you wake up in your new house (in a sleeping bag on the first night, most likely) and slowly realize that this place is yours.

We can't wait to be moved in, start decorating, shop for home furnishings, have people over and all the other good stuff that comes with being a homeowner (ok, that fact seems very strange too).  However, before we say hello to our new place, we must say goodbye to our current one.  And I have to admit that it is somewhat bittersweet.  This was our first home as a married couple.  We came home from our honeymoon to this place.  We've made amazing memories over the last year and a half here that we'll never forget.

So stay tuned throughout the week as I plan to do an "our first place" reveal every day until the big move!  Keep in mind that our place has blueish/grayish/greenish walls, carpet, and tile, so the decorating stayed very neutral.  You'll probably be seeing more color in our new place... but probably on a neutral background.  What can I say, I love my blacks, whites, grays and browns.  Anyway, without further ado... our first kitchen:

Check back for the rest of the place to be revealed over the next week!  And let us know what you think, we love hearing your thoughts.



To ring in the new year, we headed back up to Keystone with our good, good friends and pretty much camped out and drank champagne in their mountain condo all weekend long.  It was wonderful.

To convince ourselves that we weren't completely lazy all four days, we went ice-skating at the lake their condo overlooks.  Makes you feel young and old-fashioned... until your husband comes up behind you and pushes you, making you go too fast for comfort so you turn around and push him, making him fall and hit his head (softly).  Sorry babe, love you.

Couple One and Couple Two.  Thanks for letting us vacay with you on yet another amazing trip.  We love you guys.

New Year's Eve night we headed out for dinner, but not before stopping at this ice bar for an early flute of champagne.

We then had an amazing dinner of steak au poivre and delicious warm drinks.  Oh, and Joe Sakic was sitting right behind us with his entire family.  We know this with certainty because we Googled a picture of him and his wife and it was definitely her by his side.  The rest of dinner was spent hyperventilating by a certain individual... pretty sweet birthday present though!

Back to the condo to celebrate with our little god-daughter.

A little late-night adventure to the ice sculptures... it was fuh-reezing, but not near as bad as last year, where it was an unheard of -45 degrees.

This should be it for all the holiday posts.  We hope you and yours have a wonderfully blessed 2012!