I absolutely love the holidays and the warm 'n fuzzies they bring, especially Christmas.  I love how they completely stimulate all the senses... the sights, the smells, the tastes.  So since I can't deliver homemade cookies to you (well, most of you) or usher in the fresh scent of a tree, I though I would provide some feel-good in the form of some serious holiday eye candy.  Enjoy!

This is probably the most original take on an advent calendar I've seen and would be so easy to do-it-yourself.

Sweet little Christmas tree centerpiece.

If this were my desk, I don't think I'd ever leave.  I love the fun, eclectic feel, with a holiday twist.

Talk about color and pattern and layering!  This is just pure fun, no other way to describe it.

Next is a Christmas tree shot using a Bokeh method and a homemade lens hood, found here.  I really want to try this sometime over the next few weeks.

I love, love, love black and white striped anything, and this wrapping paper does not disappoint.  Especially since it still feels cheery and festive.

Last up is this tomato cage wrapped in lights!  Feels part rustic, part modern, part sparkle.  This would be simple to make yourself with extra lights you have laying around and you could even make a few in different sizes and put them outside.

Hopefully that provided you a little bit of coziness in your day, and of course... more important than all the pretty lights, yummy cookies and holiday parties, is the fact that what we are really celebrating is God's grace.  Unending and always there.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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