To follow up on our Christmas card sneak peak a few weeks ago and now that they're all mailed out... here's the full story!  Our inspiration came from what else?  Pinterest.  It's kind of funny how that website has completely changed the definition of "inspiration" and people on blogs all over used a little help from the oh-so-addicting website to come up with holiday ideas, especially Christmas cards.  Gotta love it!

Here's the specific look that we were going for.  We took a ton of photos in a ton of different poses, but somehow landed on a final image that was pretty similar to the one in this picture.  They took it for an engagement photo... how sweet is it?!

We loved that it was romantic, yet not too mushy and original and not too posed.  The fact that we could shoot it indoors and at our own place was also special to us.

So on with the images!  Of course we ended up with some pretty candid ones, as you can see.

Trying out some mistletoe below... and apparently it worked.  And to the bottom right is probably one of the most unflattering pictures of me ever taken.  But I figure if I'm showing the process of our Christmas card and the final image, we gotta keep it real with the not-so-pretty images too.

Here's some of our favorites...

But this one ended up being our top favorite, and I let Ryan have a lot of say in it since he was such a trooper.  Here is the picture we chose!

We ordered our cards from Snapfish and they turned out great!  Plus, I Googled around for coupons and got free shipping plus 30% off... sweet savings.  The pictures below make them look really yellow, but the image above is more true to life.  Hope you enjoyed our little Christmas card process.  Now start sending them to us!

And of course, Merry Christmas!  ... it looks like I'll be saying that at the end of almost every post in December!