This past Sunday we brought out the Christmas boxes, bought a tree and made our steamed milk and Disaronno drinks, now a tradition.  And since it's snowing outside and a chilly 20 degrees right now, I thought this was the perfect day for this post.  The pictures are kind of dark, obviously because we did all this at night.  I'll take some better ones soon but wanted to get these up!

We don't have a lot of Christmas decorations yet, but have had fun accumulating the ones we do have and putting them to good use.  I look forward to when we have as many decorations as my parents do!  We do have a good amount of ornaments though, especially since our moms were kind enough to give us a lot from when we were little kids.  It's really sweet to see Ryan's kindergarten picture hanging in an ornament right next to the one we received when we got engaged.

Onto the decorating!  Christmas in a mug, pure bliss...

Yes, drinking a glass of wine is a requirement of putting up Christmas lights... this was a lot earlier in the day, by the way.  But not too early.

Our stockings!  Hung by the fireplace... the ones in the middle may or may not be for the four-legged creatures.

Warming themselves up!  These would be the ones that may or may not have stockings...

Here's our tree!  A slim seven-and-a-half footer that just fits all our ornaments.  We love it.  I put a couple of faux fur sheepskin rugs around it for some added coziness and to cover up the base of the tree and topped it off with a Santa hat until we find or make a tree-topper we like.

We both received these little athlete figure ornaments the same year, back in 2000!  How funny...

Here's the view at night with the lights off... not the best picture, but definitely one of the best feelings in the world.  Merry Christmas everyone!