Since it's Friday I thought I would do something fun and give you all a sneak peek of our Christmas card.  We had one of our amazingly talented friends come over and shoot it at our place and love the idea that it brings special meaning to our card this year, but still looks more professional that our kinda funny did-it-ourselves card last year.  You can check that whole process out here.  We've come a little ways, right?

I'll put together a post with more details, the final shot we chose for our card this year, and tons of funny and not-so-flattering outtakes sometime soon.  But not now - I am definitely a firm believer in one holiday at a time.  Unless your talking about an eggnog latte, which I've already indulged in.  But that's more "holiday-related" and not Christmas-specific anyway, so that doesn't count.

Here's a little sneak peek!  This was taken while we were carefully trying to tangle ourselves up... not as easy as it looks.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!