A couple of weekends ago, the hubs actually suggested out of nowhere that we make an Ikea trip.  Um, ok!  So we drove up to the massive blue and yellow building that now takes up about as much space as the entire mall next to it and spent a few hours perusing, eating and buying.

When my mom and I went for the first time a few months ago, we literally couldn't figure out how to get in the store!  But I guess we weren't the only ones because there was an employee who asked us if we needed directions... um, yes please.  So first you've got the "Showroom" floor where you wander through a bunch of rooms that they've staged and get ideas and try to remember all the stuff you want to buy.  Then, you have the actual "Marketplace" where you pick up the goodies.

I'll start with some inspiration pics we found when wandering through the showroom...

We really liked this simple but statement door knobs.  We would probably like any knobs however, since our kitchen doesn't have any at all right now.  I also love all the hanging contraptions they have for kitchens.  Sort of a fun twist on the whole "open shelving" feel that's popular.  My favorite hanging accessory was the little potted plants.  So cute.

And just for reference, here's a picture of the warehouse... yes, it's after the showroom, the cafeteria, and the marketplace.  But before the little grocery store.

Some fun lamps.  The top left one would be great in an office as I think it would definitely inspire some creativity.  I mean, it even looks like brain synapses (is that the right word?).   Love me a gourd lamp too.  The one on the bottom left would be sweet in a nursery and the bottom right one would be great on a nightstand since the arms move every which way.

And now for what (little, if you ask me) we came home with: a jar of orange elderflower marmalade, a $3 bottle of Glug (which we tried in the store and was delish!), a jar for our coffee beans, and (another) faux sheepskin rug.  We also snagged a few other odds and ends but nothing too exciting.

Here's the new rug right at home... at least temporarily.  I'm looking forward to using these babies for Christmas time!  Any other Ikea hauls lately?  Anyone get lost trying to get in the store?  Please say yes...