I think it's pretty safe to say fall is here.  Of course, in Colorado, you can never predict the weather, but it's definitely to the point of cool weather with the occasional warm day, instead of the other way around.  Here are some little, but fun, fall updates we've got going on in our home this time of year.

Most of this stuff was under $10 and was found at home goods stores.  The adorable little sugar and creamer set was from my mom though... along with two little pots of flowers that came in them!

Funny, there's even more candy in this little glass pumpkin now than there was when I took these pictures.  Here comes the holiday pounds!  I love this chevron pumpkin, found at Target for cheap.  Good balance of modern and rustic.

I picked up one of the infamous sheepskin rugs at Ikea a few months back.  Adds the perfect touch of cozy to our bedroom.

Yes, that is indeed a Missoni candle I swiped from Target during that whole craze.  Although I don't think it was as bad here as it was most places.  There's actually a few pieces at some of our local stores.

The sugar and creamer set from my sweet mom, along with some festive pillows and saturated fall leaves.

If you know me at all, you know fall is by far my favorite season!  Warm colors, bright tones, and all-around coziness.  I've got a few other projects up my sleeves (well, actually they're sitting outside on our porch right now) that I'll be sharing soon!