Gorgeous, right?  The first week of October we had temperatures in the lower 80s... and this past weekend we had snow.  Pretty typical, actually.  During the pretty much one and only week of fall we had here in Colorado, we went up to Nichols Reservoir to do some fishing.

We went up with my family and Ryan's dad, our little outdoorsy group.  Nichols Reservoir is right off Rampart Reservoir, you just have to hike down a canyon and your tucked away in the mountains.

There was a grand total of two fish caught on the trip, the first by Ryan and the second by his dad.  But you can bet we took them home and fried 'em up!  Although I am sliiightly upset I didn't catch anything.  That morning we even went out and got me my very own fisherwoman's license!  Figures...

We took a different trail on the way back up that we did on the way down, and good thing we did because we stumbled upon this amazing little forest!

So glad we decided to go fishing that weekend - just for the sake of seeing those Aspens!  Here's to (hopefully) some more fall weather before our six months of Colorado winter sets in.  I'll be back soon with a post to document that first snow I was talking about!