Ok so this post should have been put up last month, but anyway... 

32 months is... the amount of time from wedding beginnings to wedding endings.  The wedding will never really be over, but as far as logistics go, that's the time table.  We got engaged in December 2008, the very beginning, and just received our wedding album a few months ago, the very end.

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Up until then, I was still communicating on a fairly regular basis with a wedding vendor.  But now, no more wedding stuff.  And it feels GOOD!  The "after" of the wedding is much better if you ask me.  Of course I still daydream about our wedding and think about the planning and anticipation and of course I wish it could still be our wedding day from time to time.  But somehow the day-to-day ins-and-outs of being married are what actually makes your marriage what it is.  The little things, the subtle ways you interact with each other, the feeling when he walks through the door after work, the pleasure when it's just the two of you.  The simple fact that you are husband and wife.

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Somehow those things have created something I never thought real.  Much more than butterflies in your stomach or the excitement of a wedding gown or having your own little place.  More than the idea of a perfect mate... in fact, it's more like the imperfections the two of you have that end up being much more fun than anything perfect could be.