On September 21st, 2011, Gramme left this world and entered a perfect one.

We love you Gramme.  You were so funny, easy going and happy-go-lucky.  You loved your daughters and grandchildren with your entire heart and we are all truly blessed to call you "grandma" and "mom."

It was such a blessing to have celebrated your 80th birthday with you this past July and we will always have that memory to keep you near.

I'll always remember sitting on the porch swing with you for an entire afternoon talking about birds, family and your fond memories.  I'll never forget you singing "On Top of Old Smokey" to me countless times when I was young, and especially the time just recently on that porch swing.

I'll always cherish how you sung to me and painted.  I will always have my stack of papers titled "Gramme's Songs" that I typed up and printed out when I was younger.  I'll always know what to do if a bear is chasing me too ;)  I'll remember getting coconut shrimp with you at Coconuts on the beach.

You are now with your Father, your parents and Papa.  You're happy and smiling, just like you were here and I can hear you singing to us.  We love you.

Shirley May Hanson :: July 31, 1931 - September 21, 2011