Our dear old Grandma turned 80 years old this past July.  Or 90 years old if you ask her!  For the second time this summer we flew down to Florida to celebrate with family and friends.  Our trip started off with my mom and Aunt Jackie wanting to take us to "the place right off the highway by the river will the alligators..."  Yes, it was exactly what you're picturing...

I really wanted to go on one of these things, but sadly, we missed the boat... literally, haha.

The birthday girl and my mom!

The crocodiles alligators were huge!  Very pre-historic looking.  And yes, I thought they were crocodiles the whole time until Ryan informed me that they were in fact, alligators.  For some reason, I picture alligators as being bright green, not brown, right?!

Frog legs... check.  Catfish... check.  Alligator... check.  No joke - I ate it all.

Ryan the Lion, as my grandma so affectionately refers to my husband as.

Beautiful baby Carrick.  I seriously could not get enough of him...

... and he couldn't get enough of AnnMarie ;)

Cake balls!  And huge, amazing ones at that.  They were probably a good two inches thick and they. were. to. die. for.

The sisters - Aunt Mary, my mom, Aunt Jackie and my Grandma.

The original cousins.

And the crazy but oh-so-blessed people who married into our family.

I absolutely love this picture of my mom and grandma.  It really captures her whole birthday celebration.  She was so simply happy that we were all there to be with her.

CarolAnn definitely wins best birthday card.  She works at a pre-school so she's got the hook-up for all things glitter.

The favorite picture of the trip is below!  My mom, Jackie and AnnMarie painted a picture frame for Grandma and little dishes for the rest of us.  That's a story in and of itself, but we'll just leave it as me getting several phone calls from AnnMarie asking what my favorite colors are and explaining that the giggling in the background is my mom and Jackie drinking their margaritas straight from the shakers... :)

Anyway, this picture cracks us up.  My grandma is so happy-go-lucky and even though she may not always be completely clued in, she's a riot to talk to and makes you feel like the most special person in the world, which she is to us.

The day we left, my family decided to get up early and watch the sunrise on the beach.  Perfect ending to a wonderful trip.  Especially the part where we ate breakfast at the Waffle House in Cocoa Beach right after this.

I wanted to make something to give to my grandma, aunt and mom, so I put together one of these photo books and sent it to down to Florida.  The best part is, when my Grandma got the book, she was laughing so hard at the picture on the cover that she didn't open it up to look at the rest!  Hopefully she has since then.  Happy 80th birthday Grandma!  We love you.