Kitten, that is.  Ryan demanded that I immediately take my "it's a boy!" status off Facebook when I posted it a few weeks ago.  So as to not cause any confusion, we did not get pregnant, have an ultrasound, find out it was a boy and decide to not tell friends or family but instead announce it on Facebook.  Just so there's no confusion.

Now, on to our wild jungle kitty... Theo!

He's actually an Ocicat, so he has no wild blood, just looks like a wild cat.  When we got him, he was about 4 1/2 pounds and he's growing a TON every day.  He should be around 12 - 15 pounds once he's full-grown.  He's 19 weeks now and he is a handful!  He's got the sweetest personality, he walks right in between your feet as you're walking, so Ryan and I have both stepped on him a few times already.  He's very playful for awhile and then crashes, it's adorable.  Oh, and he's got mad hops... the little thing can easily jump four feet in the air.

As for his sister? girlfriend? we'll have to see what they decide to become, Cira is starting to love him.  As first she played up her diva role and would have nothing to do with him, besides hissing, but now they cuddle and wrestle together.  Although let it be known, she is still and always will be the queen bee.

So the gender scales are now balanced in our little household and we love our little jungle cat, even though are days are now filled with "Theo! No!" and switching off picking him up and holding him so that he's not eating Cira's food/getting outside/hopping in the sink.  Maybe it's just the little boy in him?