Well, I could blame the non-existence of this blog over the past month on getting a new job, the fact that it's May and May is always so busy or I could be honest and say I just didn't make the time.  I've been thinking about writing a post for a week now and couldn't come up with anything and decided it was best to catch you up on what we've been up to.

I really enjoy my new job - it's flexible, I respect my boss, have fun with my co-workers and feel satisfied with the work I do.

Ryan has been busy with work as well and is really finding a spot in his new company.  They want to send him back to school to work on a Masters in Computer Science so we're talking about all that right now but we think it's a pretty good offer, especially since he likes the company he works for and could be there awhile.

As I mentioned above, May is always CRAZY!  Tell me it's like that for everyone.  I mean, if you compare it to last year, it's nothing - that involved moving to a different city, a job transfer, a job search, a graduation, bridal showers, wedding planning and birthdays.  This years it's a new job (technically that was last month but I'm definitely still on the learning curve), the Bolder Boulder, training for the Bolder Boulder, birthday's graduations and getting ready for vacation (!!!)

Enough words, now for some catch up in pictures... but boy does it feel good to write!

The husband being oh-so-sweet and picking off the green peppers on half of our pizza.  Green peppers on pizza are too overwhelming and totally overpower the deliciousness of cheese and bread with their freshness.

Well duh there are pictures of Cira.

Not brains, but dragonfruit.  It was actually pretty mild-tasting and had the consistency of a peach, but grainy.  Ryan and a co-worker of his went to the Asian market one day and this was one of the less weird things there.

We celebrated Elyse's birthday with some A-MAZ-ING pineapple margarita mix from Williams Sonoma.  Seriously, go buy a bottle and mix some up.  This stuff is so good, so easy and so worth the $14 it costs.  Yes, I know it's pricey but it's a summer must-have.  Plus, standard margarita mix is rather gross.  We also had a bottle of our homemade wine with a custom label for her - fancy right?  OK, not really.  Fun birthday with wonderful friends.

So there's the last couple of weeks.  Have a wonderful night - or whatever, depending on when you're reading this.  'Till next time!