Here's a random post with thoughts of late:

- We've been married over 9 months.  In a way it seems like much longer (not in a bad way, just in a seems-like-we've-been-together-forever kind of way) and in a way it's crazy that it has already been that long.  After all the planning, a year-and-a-half long engagement and everything that took place in the last six months before the wedding (moving, job transfer, Ryan's graduation, Ryan's new job), it's amazing to look at all we did and know that we're coming up on our 1 year anniversary pretty soon.

- I just canceled my gym membership.  Considering that I went, oh, maybe every two months at best, I was paying $60 for each workout.  I put it off for a little while with the idea that I would take up classes or start using it since I'm paying for it, but that didn't work.  I did love spinning and will miss that though.  But even that didn't happen regularly, especially when I was working 50+ hours a week.  When I called, they first offered to take it down to $20 a month and then even $7 for a six month period, which I thought about for a second, but then resolved that I still wouldn't use it and that money can go elsewhere.  It officially ends May 4th since you pay for your last month up front.  I'll let you know how many times I go between now and then.  I'm really more of an outside exerciser.  Today, I am going to do the incline to make up for canceling the gym.  That makes sense, right?

- There are babies EVERYWHERE.  It is oh-so-exciting and I cannot wait to meet the little ones.

- This week, I tried the whole menu-planning for a week thing, and it's actually worked out pretty well.  Considering Ryan and I, one of our biggest expenses is groceries and food out, so this was helpful for the old budget too.  I borrowed one of my mom's cookbooks and picked out three dinner recipes and a bunch of sides.  Made a list, went to the grocery store and won't go back until next week.  We'll see if it keeps up.

- We still need to do our taxes!  Usually I have them done in January, but this year it's gotten away from us.  We were planning on it last night until I got a text that read "Pizza and a movie sounds so much better than taxes," to which I responded "OK!"  There you go, we did pizza and a movie.  We justified it by saying that we'll do it this weekend when we can sit down and do it all at once instead of getting halfway done and having to come back to it.

- I love being close to friends and family.  In Fort Collins, we had friends, but all of our best friends are down here.  It is so good spending time with them and rekindling old friendships.  It is also such a blessing being able to head up to the parent's house for dinner at an hours notice.  It's also amazing to be able to drive home whenever we want instead of having to drive two-and-a-half hours north after Christmas dinner!  We got overwhelmed at first, but have been learning to say "no" when we need to.  I told my mom that she shouldn't ever feel bad for asking us to do anything, just don't feel bad if we are having our own time.  She's been so good about knowing how important that is and we appreciate it so much.  Thanks for that mom!  We love you :)  Overall, it is definitely a blessing to be near friends and family.

- Last, but certainly not least, I cannot wait for the summer and our upcoming vacations!  I have a daily countdown going here people.

So there you go, thoughts on my mind this morning as I'm hyped up on coffee and have some motivation to get things done!  Thanks for listening and putting up with the plethora of dashes, quotes and exclamations points.  Have a good one!