Last weekend, one of my good friends had her baby shower for a little girl they're expecting in May.  Instead of picking out a card at the store, I decided to DIY one.  Very sweet and simple, but I thought it was fitting for a baby shower.

Of course I wrote on it, but I almost didn't want to.  I thought it would be cute just like this in a frame collage or something similar as cheap yet cute homemade "art".  I just bought a piece of 4 x 6" plain cardstock and the stick-on letters were on sale and seemed very baby-esque.  And since I had leftover letters, I made one as a little tribute to our wedding song.  Very girly, yes, but I'll just put it on my nightstand and not his.  Although I do wonder how long it would last if I did put it on his...

Anyway, just a fun, simple project that took about five minutes flat and turned out kind of fun.  Hope you are having a wonderful Wednesday!