WARNING: This post is not intended in any way to construe the fact that we are, or will become pregnant in the near future.  It is for informational purposes only.

OK, with that message to our moms disclaimer out of the way, I will explain why I am writing about "childbearing age."  I got the term from the back of this bottle:

I know all you mommys and mommys-to-be out there know that ideally, you're supposed to be taking this for a period of time before getting pregnant.  At my last visit to the Doc, he told me that I need to be taking folic acid at least three months before we start trying to get pregnant.  So, I wrote that down in my little notebook and made a mental note of it.  Recently, however, I read an article that suggests taking folic acid one to three years(!) before getting preggo and that all women of "childbearing age" should be taking it just in case.  I figured it could only help things and since our idea of when we would like to have kids probably falls in that one to three years category... I bought some.  I also figured that by leaving it on our bathroom counter-top, the whole idea would work its way into Ryan's brain little by little every day... surely that's a proven strategy.  I do have to say though that he was proud of me for being proactive about my health and buying vitamins.

I felt weirdly grown-up and even proud when I was checking out with this little bottle.  All it talks about on the label are the benefits related to having children, so the checkout lady must know we're thinking of it and that must have just touched her heart, right?  Maybe not, but I still couldn't help smiling to myself when I swallowed the first one yesterday.

Again, this is me being proactive so that when we're ready, we're ready and I'll have one less thing to remember at that time.  Still just the two of us for the time being, and right now, I love it that way.