Last week/weekend, we celebrated Ryan's birthday.  What was originally dinner on Friday night turned into that plus making dinner Thursday night and having a small family celebration on Saturday afternoon.  He must be quite special :)  On Thursday, he requested Osso Bucco (I had never made it before), Friday we went to the Mona Lisa for some incredible fondue, and on Saturday we had some yummy appetizers and Ryan grilled for everyone (he wanted to despite the snow and 20 degree temperatures.)

Birthday dinner for two at Casa de Tollis.

Ok, so this is the Osso Bucco, which was pretty good.  But check out the giant bone in the middle, the bone marrow all of which Ryan ate.  I like different foods and have to admit it tasted wonderful, but man...

The Mona Lisa was wonderful.


Haha, I definitely decorated our condo when Ryan went to run some errands.

Happy Birthday Love!

Oh yeah, and I made him Eggs Benedict too... a very extended birthday, but much deserved.

Oh yeah again, he also got this lovely pink present from Carlos and Elyse.  At least the cigars inside made it somewhat manly, haha.