Our very first batch of homemade wine is finally bottled!  And I even helped out quite a bit on this part (less math and science, more tasting and filling).  We've got 28 1/2 bottles of delicious Malbec to enjoy and give away (we accept bribes).  Well, actually we have 27 bottles left now because we brought a bottle over to my parent's house last night to taste and since the last bottle filled only made it halfway before the wine was out of the carboy and into bottles, we brought the half bottle too.  Anyway, it turned out really well if we do say so ourselves!  My dad, a definite wine connoisseur, liked it better than the wine they had at their house and it's only going to get better with age.  You're supposed to wait three or four months before you start drinking it, but we sampled it yesterday as we were bottling and it was pretty good so we decided to have a couple celebratory bottles last night.  And now I'm done bragging about our wine.  Here's some pictures!

Below are some impromptu labels I came up with and made in five minutes.  We decided that our first batch should be our signature batch, so here you go, 2 Cork Tollis!  There's a story behind the name...

Our first tasting!