We are now at the last stage in our wine-making before we actually bottle it up and let it sit!  So far it's been a great hobby for the two of us because Ryan likes to make the wine and get all geeky with it, and I, well I like to drink the wine.  This past weekend, we moved it from the plastic carboy to the glass one, stirred in a few additives, and put it in a cool, dark place to... do whatever it needs to do.

So there we go.  We moved it, added the necessary ingredients, stirred it up with a power tool, and even had some help from Cira with reading the directions.  At this point, we let it sit for a week or two more and then we can bottle it!  Of course, after it's bottled, we let it sit for at least 4 months before drinking it.  We have had some tastes along the way though, and so far it's pretty good for our first time.