I meant to post this a long time ago, but with all the holiday craziness, it remained a lonely draft in my list of posts for quite a while.  And since pretty much everyone commented on our thank-you cards, I figured I would share the goods.  Anyway, when deciding what to do for our wedding thank-you's, we wanted to do something more personal than using the stationary that matched our invitations, especially since we decided to skip wedding programs and individual gifts for guests.  I had seen those adorable thank-you's in bridal magazines that were a picture of the bride and groom each holding an umbrella or something with the words "thank" and "you" printed on them, but really, where do you get that type of thing?  And no, I was not about to take up a crafty little project a month before our big day.  Then I saw one where the bride and groom had simply printed two pieces of paper with the "thank you" on it and just held them up.  I loved it!  Plus, it was super easy.

The hard part was remembering to actually take the picture (we later learned that our photographers had shown the picture to another couple and they loved the idea but then forgot to bring the signs).  But, in the middle of dancing, I remembered and had my mom run and get ours.  The photographers didn't even have time to set up lighting or anything and they only took a few shots, but the final one turned out fabulous!  One of our favorite pictures, actually.

So all we did was pick a nice font, print out two pieces of plain computer paper with "thank" on one and "you" on the other, taped them to two pieces of cardboard so they would hold up... and presto!  They were also a lot cheaper than what our thank-you's would have been had we ordered them with our stationary.  We got 200 online for about $40, including shipping and handling.  Let me know if you would like the site and I'll find it for you.

The original photo above - the photographer cropped it, blurred the edges and boosted the colors slightly for our final send out.

Here's a huge shout-out to our photographers, Jade Creek Photography.  They were incredibly professional and fun to work with and did an absolutely perfect job with our wedding photos.  We would recommend them to anyone.