Now that we fill each others stockings, have started our own Christmas traditions and wake up together on Christmas morning, here is a re-cap of our first Christmas as a married couple, the best yet.  We spent Christmas Eve with Ryan's family and Christmas with mine (we are finally starting to get the holiday planning down people).  One of the most special traditions we started is that Christmas morning will always be just our new little family that we've created, which right now is just the two of us.  Since we decided to do this, my mom bought us the perfect little anecdote for it.  A "Christmas Morning Coffee Cake" baking dish that we can make coffee cake in every Christmas morning.  Remember those special little things that your family always brought out and they will always remind you of Christmas when you were a little kid?  This is now that for us.  Plus, it was so delicious!

As far as gifts went this year, we decided to do a box of goodies for each of our families.  We put them together ourselves (Cira helped too) and even made handmade ornaments to with them.  It ended up being a lot more fun and easier than buying individual gifts.

On Christmas morning, we made our coffee cake with eggnog lattes, opened stockings and presents, and went on a long walk - Ryan in his Santa hat.  Here a few more pictures of all that, and some of the best stocking stuffers we gave each other :)  I ordered some beautiful new stockings for us but they're still not here, so these are the ones from our childhood.

Christmas this year was absolutely wonderful.  Here's to new traditions, loving old ones, and Ryan eating some delicious coffee cake in his Santa hat.