We hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!  Our Christmas season was pretty busy up until the day of, so having a relaxing Christmas day was just what we needed.  My grandparents were still in town, so it was wonderful to be able to spend lots of time with them too.

On Christmas Eve Eve, we had dinner with Carol and Stan, a tradition that used to be every Christmas Eve, but has now moved to Christmas Eve Eve to accommodate for growing family and more people to see.  Thankfully they're flexible and it's great to see them whatever the day.  Then on Christmas Eve, we spent the morning at Ryan's mom's house, went to our church for the Christmas Eve service, attended an annual get-together and then headed over to his grandparent's for chili and more gifts.  Oh yeah, and then we went to a beautiful Christmas Eve midnight service at First Pres downtown!

On Christmas day, we relaxed, spent time with my Nana and Grandpa, and stuffed ourselves on my mom's amazing food, naturally.  Here are some pictures that tell the story much better than words.  I forgot to take some during the few days before, probably because we were so busy.  It was all wonderful though...

Our handmade ornaments from last year sitting pretty on the dining room table.  Kind of crazy to think that we've already had two Christmases as a married couple.

Ryan's favorite food in the world, my mom's prime rib.  It is a Christmas gift in itself, as you can tell...

Merry, merry Christmas everyone!  We hope yours was blessed by God and spent with loved ones.

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