I'm calling this a "holiday" wreath definitely not to be politically correct, but rather because it originally started out as a fall/Thanksgiving wreath, but then ended up as a Christmas one... simply because I finished it after Thanksgiving and already come and gone.  For the final product, I just tucked a few gold berries and a leaf sprig right into the yarn though, so my procrastination worked out well in the sense that it can be used for whatever season we're in!  I can just add whatever little accent works for that time of year and then switch it out in no time.

To make it, I bought a cheap straw wreath from Michael's or Hobby Lobby (make sure you print off the 40% off coupon they always have online) and some neutral-colored yarn.  The thicker the better because it will cover up the straw well and take less time to wrap.  I taped the yarn down and starting spinning it around, while watching some sort of reality television show, of course.

And then I did the same thing to finish it off.  I wrapped it up, pushed back the yarn to tape down the end and then pushed the yarn back up over the part I taped to cover everything...

... to end up with this:

I was going for simple and somewhat modern, and as I mentioned above, I originally started out with the plan of this becoming a fall wreath.  I had spray-painted a bunch of little pumpkins and gourds gold and was planning on gluing them on somehow in a little bunch. 

But... time got away from me and the next time I went to work on it, Christmas music was playing and Thanksgiving leftovers had been eaten.  So I just found some gold berries and a leaf sprig and tucked them right into the yarn for this finished product.  I didn't sew or glue anything down so that it the berries can be easily switched out for something else.

To hang it, I just slipped some twine through the yarn and tied it in a little bow.  Super simple, everyone, super simple.

A simple, fun holiday project that only took about an hour of time, even though it spanned a couple of weeks, and only cost about $10.  There's some gorgeous holiday wreaths out there, but they're kind of expensive for what you get so this was a fun alternative.  I also love the simplicity of this one, with a touch of holiday sparkle!

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