We said YES to the address!  That's right... we found our first house!  We are (almost) officially homeowners of a sweet little house that is just perfect for us and are becoming more excited by the second as the reality of it all sets in.

We saw it on Saturday, made an offer an hour later, it was countered on Sunday morning and we accepted right then and there!  We are absolutely in love with it and cannot wait for all the good times and sweet memories it will bring.  Peeling off wallpaper and painting, refurbishing thrift finds and shopping for new pieces, having a guest room and planning rooms for the future, hosting holiday dinners and cozying up just the two of us in our day-to-day life.

Our closing date is set for the end of January with the condition of everything between now and then going smoothly.  We appreciate all the prayers that led up to this and appreciate them even more as we take this next (huge!) step in our life.  By the way, we worked with an awesome realtor and lender and would highly recommend both so let us know if you're in the market for a home yourself and we would be happy to pass along their information.

It is really amazing to see the plans God has for us unfolding right now... truly better for us than what we could ever dream up for ourselves.

We will definitely follow-up soon with more details, but just had to share this with you!

Image found here.

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