Not to be confused with boxed wine.  Anyway, you all know Ryan and I enjoy ourselves a little wine here and there... and here... and there.

So we usually pick up a case of red at the Wine Seller every so often.  The owner of the store puts together a box of all reds (or all whites or a mix) that range a little bit in price and varietal.  It's a great opportunity to try new stuff that we've never heard of before and we even keep notes on the sheet of paper it comes with so we know what we liked in case we want to buy it again.  It's also great because there's always some bottles that are very affordable and you save a good amount of money by purchasing a box instead of individual bottles.  The added benefit of always having a bottle of wine available to you at home doesn't hurt either.  No trips to the store, just a trip to the kitchen.

And let's be honest... how much fun it is to come home with twelve new bottles of wine?!  My parents started going there around the same time we did, so it's fun to compare who liked what.  Plus, when they have us over for dinner and you've got a bunch of wine-lovers at the table, you've got to have some on hand. 


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