We had a wonderful Thanksgiving, and we're thankful for that.  We all know that the holidays are absolutely amazing, but that they do come with a little bit of stress.  That for us, is planning where to go since we love being with everyone.  We've gotten it down pretty well by this point, and thankfully, our families are very supportive of whatever we do.  We love spending time with all of them, so deciding where to go when can be a challenge.  But this year, we were blessed enough to combine them.

We went to my parent's house and also had Ryan's dad, aunt and uncle join us.  It was great to have a lot of family together at once and to be the connection in the middle of it all.  One of the main reasons we're so excited to buy a house is so that we can start hosting holiday get-togethers and have everyone over to our place.

On to the pictures!  This Thanksgiving was wonderful...

My mom has made the same turkey recipe for over 30 years... but this year, she switched it up and decided to make a brined roast turkey like Ryan and I did last year.  It's amazing, you should try it.

Our spread of appetizers... these bites below are my absolute favorite.  They're dates stuffed with a goat cheese and mascarpone cheese spread with basil and then wrapped in prosciutto.  Sweet and savory... and to die for.

And our spread of food... my mom is the best cook ever.  I'm proud just to have helped!

The hubs... probably with a mouth full of food.

And dessert!  To go with the pie, we had homemade spiced cider.  Below is a pumpkin pie recipe I tried last year that was good enough to make again... and again... and again.  It's got a great blend of spices and is topped with maple pralines.

Ryan and his dad... turkey coma starting to set in.

And there's us.  I only had two glasses of wine, must have just been tired at this point :)

And of course, my mom and I.  It was a success, mostly thanks to her and the wonderful recipes, new and old.  We hope your Thanksgiving was just as blessed.

P.S.  Now that Thanksgiving has officially come and gone, it's Christmas time!  Stay tuned for our Christmas card reveal, some Christmas tree coziness and maybe a pet stocking... or two.

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