My mom's birthday was a few weeks ago and this year, I wanted to make something fun and homemade.  Since my mom is an avid Scrabble player (and will kick your butt if you ever play her) I thought something based on this would be fun.  Pinterest also helped with this idea with the numerous adorable twists on framing pieces from games that are out there.

And yes, I did have to go buy a new Scrabble game for the letters.  My brother asked me this when we were opening gifts so I thought I'd answer that question here too, haha.  I checked several Goodwills and Arcs, but didn't find anything except a cheap kid's version with bright cardboard letters.  I guess Scrabble is just a classic that people don't give away!

Here's what I did...

While I was at it, I thought it would be fun and festive to make a little cake bunting too, out of the paper that I used for the picture frame background.  So I just cut out little flags, strung them together, and stuck it in the cake... and it was a German chocolate cake so it matched perfectly :)

So that's what I did for the most wonderful mom in the world!  Happy birthday one more time mom!

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  1. Absolutely of the most wonderful birthday gifts I have ever received. The German Chocolate Cake was fantastic and by the way I beat Dad at Scrabble two days ago!


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