As a disclaimer, the next couple of months are going to be busy, busy, busy.  Of course there's the holidays and traveling and visitors, but work is going to be insane as well.  Here's to making it to New Years!  Well wishes appreciated.

Anyway, even though Halloween was almost a month ago, I couldn't help posting these next several pictures.  First, our baby boy in his "costume" - a little t-shirt that reads "I Heart My Mummy."  Cutest thing ever and at the same time, borderline crazy-cat-lady, I know.  But I featured Cira's costume last year and there was no way I could leave Theo out of the fun!

Next is a little recipe I whipped up last week with some of our leftover Halloween candy we still had lying around.  Just crushed up some Butterfingers and added them into good old chocolate-chip cookie dough... they were as good as they sound and helped empty the candy bowl a little bit.

Have a wonderful week!  I'll try to do the same... uh, scratch that, I'll just try to stay sane!

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