Inspired by the many gold spray-painted pumpkins floating around the blogosphere lately, such as these from Layers of Meaning...

and these from Cupcakes and Cashmere...

 I picked up a few handfuls of my own faux pumpkins at Michael's for 50% off and turned these cheap-o plastic pumpkins into some fun fall decorations with a touch of glam.  Think of them as going from cheap, half-off bin of Crayola-orange tackiness to something Cinderella could ride in.  That's a bit of a stretch - but they were fun nonetheless and perked up the other more rustic fall decor we've got going on right now.

Just picked up a can of high-gloss metallic gold spray paint...

and turned these babies...

... into these!

Anyone else doing fun fall projects?  Big or small?  Now that I've got the gold spray-paint, I have a million other things I want to take it to.  A modern gold and white side table?  Striped vases?  I also have another pumpkin-related one up my sleeve.  We shall see.



A couple of weekends ago, we woke up to big, fat, fluffy flakes of snow on a Saturday morning.  Because of just that, we decided not to go anywhere all day long and just cozy up at home...

It was such a perfect morning.  And today a few weeks further into fall, it's close to 80 degrees.  Go figure...



I think it's pretty safe to say fall is here.  Of course, in Colorado, you can never predict the weather, but it's definitely to the point of cool weather with the occasional warm day, instead of the other way around.  Here are some little, but fun, fall updates we've got going on in our home this time of year.

Most of this stuff was under $10 and was found at home goods stores.  The adorable little sugar and creamer set was from my mom though... along with two little pots of flowers that came in them!

Funny, there's even more candy in this little glass pumpkin now than there was when I took these pictures.  Here comes the holiday pounds!  I love this chevron pumpkin, found at Target for cheap.  Good balance of modern and rustic.

I picked up one of the infamous sheepskin rugs at Ikea a few months back.  Adds the perfect touch of cozy to our bedroom.

Yes, that is indeed a Missoni candle I swiped from Target during that whole craze.  Although I don't think it was as bad here as it was most places.  There's actually a few pieces at some of our local stores.

The sugar and creamer set from my sweet mom, along with some festive pillows and saturated fall leaves.

If you know me at all, you know fall is by far my favorite season!  Warm colors, bright tones, and all-around coziness.  I've got a few other projects up my sleeves (well, actually they're sitting outside on our porch right now) that I'll be sharing soon!



Although the Parade of Homes isn't what it used to be given the economy and the housing market, it still provided some eye candy and inspiration on a smaller scale.  When I was younger my mom and I would always go and back then it was fun to look at the little girl's rooms and dream of having a bedroom that fancy schmancy.  These days, it's fun to get ideas and adapt them to fit our budget/scale for our own house condo.  By the way, the house-hunt is still in-progress... we took a little break given other things going on but we're definitely still looking at potential first homes and will keep you updated!

Back to the parade... I love these giant mirrored panels below.  They add such an interesting touch and completely open up the room.  And yep, that's the hubby carrying my camera bag while I snap away (sorry, not a diaper bag, although I sometimes feel like it's one when I'm carrying it around).  Anyway, love those mirrors.  As for the second picture of mirrors, I also love me a sunburst one... or two.  I like the simplicity of these and they would be great in a clump with some fancier ones.

Next up was an understated, yet totally cozy effect achieved by adding some rope lighting above the crown molding in this hallway.  This kind of seemed to be a trend among the houses.

So "entertainment rooms" are awesome, but you often feel blocked off from the rest of the house.  Enter... an open one!  Duh, right?  This would be so fun for entertaining or movie nights and everyone could still be in the same area whether you're watching the game or playing pool.

Just some fun votives for the kitchen...

I'm not sure what exactly this flooring was but it caught our eye, and the picture didn't quite capture the true-to-life color.  It was like classic wood flooring meets modern tile.  We also liked the bathroom in the second picture because it's got the rustic earth tones that Ryan likes mixed with some modern touches that I like.  We compromise :)  Oh, and there's Ryan hiding in the background again!

We actually loved this bad boy so much we went out and bought one after touring the Parade... KIDDING.  But it is kind of neat in that whole museumy, library kind of way.

This bedroom was appealing, not super-duper exciting, but the wall treatment (whatever it was) was pretty neat.  It was textured and has some sort of tone-on-tone fading effect.  Opposite the bed was this bathroom door.  Looks sleek but not so practical.

Once your inside the bathroom, you've got this tub? ice bath? basin? front and center and a couple of showers behind it.  I kind of love the vanity though... mirrors and lighting galore.

Oh yeah, and everyone who lives in Colorado has one of these.  Not... really.  But why do some people think that?  Haha... I thought it was pretty funny.

Next up, and last on our tour was this home:

Now this is what the Parade used to be.  This oh-so-humble abode sits on top of it's own little mountain and you have 360 degree view of Colorado Springs.  You can see downtown, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak... everything.  It was gorgeous, although kind of scary at the same time.  Looking out the window you kind of felt like you might just start rolling down the hill if the wind blows too hard.  I can't image what it would be like to live there during the winter while it was snowing... it would be incredible.

Oh, and because this house was just that cool... you were not allowed to take any pictures of the inside.  Although I would say the outside was much more impressive with this view... 

And it's kind of funny, but these huge houses make me appreciate our cozy little nest.



Gorgeous, right?  The first week of October we had temperatures in the lower 80s... and this past weekend we had snow.  Pretty typical, actually.  During the pretty much one and only week of fall we had here in Colorado, we went up to Nichols Reservoir to do some fishing.

We went up with my family and Ryan's dad, our little outdoorsy group.  Nichols Reservoir is right off Rampart Reservoir, you just have to hike down a canyon and your tucked away in the mountains.

There was a grand total of two fish caught on the trip, the first by Ryan and the second by his dad.  But you can bet we took them home and fried 'em up!  Although I am sliiightly upset I didn't catch anything.  That morning we even went out and got me my very own fisherwoman's license!  Figures...

We took a different trail on the way back up that we did on the way down, and good thing we did because we stumbled upon this amazing little forest!

So glad we decided to go fishing that weekend - just for the sake of seeing those Aspens!  Here's to (hopefully) some more fall weather before our six months of Colorado winter sets in.  I'll be back soon with a post to document that first snow I was talking about!