A couple of weeks ago, Ryan told me not to make any plans for the morning of this past Saturday.  He gave me a couple of hints and while I have to confess that I figured out what the surprise was because of those hints... the. surprise. was. amazing.  It actually came from his little sister, Lexi.  She came across a deal for a hot air balloon ride and was sweet enough to give it to us!

So we got up suuuper early, drove down south and did one of the coolest things we've done in awhile.  We rode for about an hour and our guide? operator? was great.  He took us between trees low enough so we could grab leaves off of them and high enough to see for miles.  It was a crazy sensation moving over the ground so smoothly.  That was the most interesting part if you ask me.  You're just gliding over the earth, you don't get that from a car or boat or walking.  

Once we landed, the crew told the story of how hot air balloons came to be.  The story ended with the fact that the French landed in unknown territory, and when they did, they were greeted with angry farmers trying to kill them.  However, being the good French men they were, they had several bottles of champagne and used them as a peace offering.  To this day, farmers will come out when you land in their fields expecting a glass of bubbly.

It was such an amazing experience, something I've always wanted to do but didn't think I would for awhile.  It was a perfect morning.

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