Now that we've had the idea of buying a house on our minds for the past year or so, we are finally at the point of making it official.  We are pre-qualified for a loan and have gone on bona fide house tours with our realtor.  So far buying a house is both super-exciting and well... kind of scary.  Our net worth will obviously take a hit and we'll be tied to the area.  However, we have talked about all these things over the past year and have decided that this is exactly what we want to do and we are SO excited!  Oh the joy of being able to paint your own walls...

We are taking a pretty conservative approach to the price of the home and the area.  We do not want to be house poor or have to stress about being over-extended at all.  On the other hand, we want to be in a good neighborhood with positive resale values.  We will probably end up being one of the less expensive houses in the neighborhood we end up in just because we'd rather have a smaller house in a preferable neighborhood than a bigger house elsewhere.  

Of course you shouldn't rule out looking at a house just because it has or doesn't have something specific you prefer, but we think (and hope!) that we can find exactly what we're looking for, we just need to be patient.  I have a feeling this whole house-hunting process will be a great learning experience for us :)

So anyway, as we begin our house-hunt, here are a few things on our lists of "must-haves" and "would-likes."

3+ bedrooms
2 1/2+ bathrooms
2-car garage
good neighborhood & school district

bedrooms close together
updated appliances
hardwood floors
laundry room upstairs
back patio

The items on our "Would Like" list are projects we can definitely tackles ourselves so no big deal if our house doesn't come with these criteria.  Heck, I think it might even be more fun to DIY it anyway!

Oh, and my idea of a first home?  Mmm... something like this:

Found on Pinterest, originally from here.
What?  That doesn't exist here?  That's OK, I know our perfect little first home is out there waiting for us to find it.  Wish us luck and I'll keep you posted!

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