Oh, boys.  About a month ago we went to West Palm Beach with some of our best friends and it was definitely a trip worth talking about.  And by talking about, I mean putting up numerous pictures of the two boys together.  So sweet.

Anyway, our friends parents own a wonderful home down in Florida and wanted to bring us along.  Yes, please.  It was a blast.  We went to the pool, laid out and tanned gave myself the worst burn of my life, ate delicious fresh food, went out, partied with an American Idol (even if I hadn't ever heard of him), went jet-skiing, went shopping and mostly just hung out, really.  Oh yeah, and we caught frogs and played Jenga.  We made lots of dinners and yummy drinks.  We enjoyed the perfect weather and wonderful company.

Thanks Carlos and Elyse!  We love you two.

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