Oh, boys.  About a month ago we went to West Palm Beach with some of our best friends and it was definitely a trip worth talking about.  And by talking about, I mean putting up numerous pictures of the two boys together.  So sweet.

Anyway, our friends parents own a wonderful home down in Florida and wanted to bring us along.  Yes, please.  It was a blast.  We went to the pool, laid out and tanned gave myself the worst burn of my life, ate delicious fresh food, went out, partied with an American Idol (even if I hadn't ever heard of him), went jet-skiing, went shopping and mostly just hung out, really.  Oh yeah, and we caught frogs and played Jenga.  We made lots of dinners and yummy drinks.  We enjoyed the perfect weather and wonderful company.

Thanks Carlos and Elyse!  We love you two.



Kitten, that is.  Ryan demanded that I immediately take my "it's a boy!" status off Facebook when I posted it a few weeks ago.  So as to not cause any confusion, we did not get pregnant, have an ultrasound, find out it was a boy and decide to not tell friends or family but instead announce it on Facebook.  Just so there's no confusion.

Now, on to our wild jungle kitty... Theo!

He's actually an Ocicat, so he has no wild blood, just looks like a wild cat.  When we got him, he was about 4 1/2 pounds and he's growing a TON every day.  He should be around 12 - 15 pounds once he's full-grown.  He's 19 weeks now and he is a handful!  He's got the sweetest personality, he walks right in between your feet as you're walking, so Ryan and I have both stepped on him a few times already.  He's very playful for awhile and then crashes, it's adorable.  Oh, and he's got mad hops... the little thing can easily jump four feet in the air.

As for his sister? girlfriend? we'll have to see what they decide to become, Cira is starting to love him.  As first she played up her diva role and would have nothing to do with him, besides hissing, but now they cuddle and wrestle together.  Although let it be known, she is still and always will be the queen bee.

So the gender scales are now balanced in our little household and we love our little jungle cat, even though are days are now filled with "Theo! No!" and switching off picking him up and holding him so that he's not eating Cira's food/getting outside/hopping in the sink.  Maybe it's just the little boy in him?



If what they say is true and human beings alive now could live to be 150 years old.

Here's to one year and many, many more.  We celebrated our first anniversary!  For some reason, our anniversary felt even more surreal than our wedding day.  As I've mentioned before, all the advice you get about your wedding ultimately leads to "just enjoy everything, take it all in..." and I think we actually did a really job at just that.  Of course it came and went fast, but I remember it all and little details will always stay with me.  We also enjoyed ourselves so much... our wedding was FUN.

And now we're here, in our second year of marriage (now THAT sounds weird) reflecting on our engagement, wedding day and anniversary.  It was very relaxing.  We drove up through the mountains to Vail, where we got engaged two and a half years ago.  We walked, ate good food, drank good wine, talked and enjoyed it being just the two of us.  I know we live alone just the two of us and it's always like that, but it was totally different not having to get up at a certain time or be anywhere.  The sheer pleasure of doing what you want, when you want, together, was wonderful.

When we arrived, we had lunch at Up The Creek, sitting on the patio overlooking the creek and where we got engaged.  We took re-enactment photos at the exact spot where Ryan got down on one knee in about a foot of snow, although this time it was sunny.  Saturday night we ate dinner at Blue Moose Pizza and split a pitcher of beer.  We had breakfast and coffee at a little cafe that made Ryan's coffee just the way he likes it, which is very impressive if you ask me.  Then we went on a killer hike up to Booth Falls.  It felt so good to get our legs moving and get up in the mountain air... even though I scorched my shoulders.  We ate dinner on Sunday at Terra Bistro, which was a top five meal for us.  It was incredible.  We drank a bottle of the Malbec we made for our engagement party and ate (part of) the top tier of our wedding cake.  You know what... that was good too!  It was still moist... actually, now I don't know whether that is a good thing or a bad thing.  But it was delicious.

Oh, and Ryan let me open my present Saturday, a day before our actual anniversary.  It is something I have been wanting, wanting, wanting for a long time now but figured it was a ways down road.  Needless to say, I was shocked to open a digital SLR camera!  I cannot wait to start taking thousands of pictures... and Ryan, just remember that YOU gave it to me so you cannot complain.  I broke it in by taking it on our hike... pictures of that to come once I get it hooked up to our computer.  You'll have to make do (due?) with pictures from our old digital one for now.

To end, I'll leave you with our anniversary-inspired sign throwage.  Can you figure it out???