Or not so lately if you look at the date of my last post.  I was sitting on the couch with my beer reading some blogs and the husband asked me when I last put up a post on my blog.  Welp, over a month ago.  And if Ryan's asking, it must have been awhile.  So now here I am, sitting at the computer with my beer and writing a blogpost.  Which I've thought about doing for the past couple weeks.  That counts, right?

So of course spring, especially May, is very busy for everyone.  I still had time for this, but it just didn't happen.  It will get regular over the summer though.  And since tomorrow is the first day of summer, good timing.

Six days until we have been married for one year.  Part of me feels like that day was years ago, and part of me feels like the past year absolutely flew by.  It really has been the best one of my life so far.  Marrying your best friend will do that, I guess.  Our incredible friends and family also play a huge part in our happiness.

 We took an awesome vacation with amazing friends and I really wish we were still there.

We celebrated Mother's Day, Father's Day, Lexi's graduation, Brianna's birthday and are going to a wedding on Thursday.  It's at the same place we got married at.  It's a gorgeous venue so no wonder it's pretty popular now.  It will always feel like just ours though and the first wedding we were there for, was ours.

We got a baby boy!  And when I posted on Facebook that "it's a boy!" Ryan immediately told me to take it down due to the vast array of mixed emotions it could unintentionally create.  Oops... anyway, we have a baby kitten and he is pretty sweet.  He's an ocicat, has spots on his belly and can jump really high.  Him and Cira are becoming BFFs too.  They were frenemies for awhile there.

I am uploading pictures as we speak (or I write, you read?) and I promise lots to come!

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  1. yep, it has been awhile, that's ok you have been pretty busy, what beer? hopefully not one of Ryan's special ones? I do agree the last year has been your best! many more will come and we have so enjoyed you guys living here!! yes, her newest baby is cute as ever


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