Well now that I'm working, this post is coming to you after I get home from work and while the hubby is cooking dinner.  Work is going well so far - my third day today and I wake up in the morning feeling pretty good about going in.  I just have to get up a bit earlier now and do laundry at 6pm instead of 2pm.

What else?  I was looking at prom pictures on Facebook from my cousin and sister-in-law and it brings back so many memories!  Both of those two have it way more together than I did at that age, but it's so fun to look back.  I'll have to find some pictures and figure out how to scan them in.
We did the incline yesterday with a group of friends.  Definitely a love/hate relationship with that thing.  Definitely a love relationship for the fact that we got beer afterward, or if you're Ryan or Carlos make that three.  It's actually gotten easier now that I've done it three weeks in a row and is something that you get better at with practice.  I've chopped off a good amount of time but I think I may be maxing out.  Because I don't think there is any way I can do it without breaks... well, maybe.

Um... getting ready for the Cherry Creek Sneak and the Bolder Boulder.
I guess that is all for now.  Sorry it was super random, somewhat boring and had no pictures.  I promise the opposite soon!



Well at least not full-time.  I'll surely be cooking and cleaning and all that fun stuff (really, I enjoy that kind of thing) but it will be after work.  Yep, I am looking for a job no longer.  And I'm actually excited.  Weird, I know.

I'm starting tomorrow and it'll be nice to be doing something and feel like I'm contributing.  I did enjoy the time off but I'm definitely at the point where until we have kids, I'm done being at home by myself organizing the kitchen cabinets and playing Mahjong tiles, which I know you have no time to do once you have kids.  But obviously the two are completely different.  I definitely want to be at home when that time comes but doing so without attending to another human being is not so stimulating sometimes.
I'm excited to be working for people I respect, learning something new and making some dollar dollar bills.  And in the meantime I'll be thinking about what else I should be doing with my life.  I'm thinking about enrolling in some courses or certificate programs... maybe now?  Or in the future?  Who knows... I trusted that God would provide with this and He definitely did.  I know He will for all to come as well.  In my new job I'll be doing HR for a company that owns restaurants, hotels and casinos and I've actually had an interest in working in HR so it worked out pretty well.

Thankfully I was wise enough so save enough in my last job so that we didn't have to stress over the fact that it could take awhile to find a new job, which it did.  And thankfully I have a loving supporting husband who weathered this out with me.  He even got up early this morning and found some resource books he has for me to look over for this new job I'm taking on.  And thankfully I have a nice 8 -5 schedule with no evenings or Saturdays.  It is the perfect balance for me right now between work and personal life.  And thankfully I do not have to look for a job anymore and have that nagging feeling always there.  And thankfully I have great friends and family who helped me find a new one.

I have learned a lot about myself and what I want in life, what I prioritize and what is important to me.  It has done the same for Ryan and I's relationship too - it has helped us learn to rely on each other and I actually think it was good right off the bat as a little trial for the two of us to face and conquer together.  And even though I'm probably making this whole process much more dramatic than it has been, it has definitely been a learning process for me and for us, but definitely a positive one.

It was nice doing the whole homemaker thing but this lady is ready to work.

I'll keep you posted on how it goes!



A few years ago (this fact makes the title of this post much less alarming), Ryan and I decided to start collecting all of the wine corks from bottles we've had.  We've had ideas like making a sort of cork-bulletin board, arranging them in a frame or just keeping the around the house as little odds and ends, which is what they are doing now.

We've had them here...

... and here.

And pretty much just scattered all over the place.  So, a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this gorgeous handmade glass vase and figured it would be the perfect home for our growing collection of wine corks.  It's a couple of feet tall.  I took a picture next to the couch to give some reference.

As I was collecting all of our hard (or not-so-hard) earned corks from around the house, I came across some pretty fun ones to look at.  We have a tradition of writing on the cork if the wine was opened for something special.  The vast majority of them don't have anything written on them, just because we're fans of the "well, it's Wednesday night, let's have some wine" club, but some are definitely sentimental.

The most sentimental of them all being this one:

Yep, it's the cork from our champagne we had on our wedding night!  Somehow it made it from our hotel, to DIA, to Cabo and back.  Here are some other fun ones I found:

A cork from the first bottle of our homemade batch, Two Cork Tollis.

Some colorful little guys.

This cork was from a bottle we received as an engagement gift at our engagement party two years ago.  You can see that the cork is misshapen and the wine has soaked halfway down the cork.  There were also hundreds of tiny crystals on the top of the cork because it was a 1984 Cabernet - bottled before we were born and definitely one of the best we've ever had.

Here's another champagne cork from the night we got engaged in Vail!

And of course one from New Years.  So there's a little time travel via our wine and champagne corks we've collected over the past few years.  And yes, they have all been earned.

Anyway, after looking through the pile for the special ones, they all ended up in the big glass vase.  With plenty of room for more... wine party anyone?