We enjoyed a wonderful St. Patty's day dinner at my parent's house last night, complete with the whole Irish shebang (is that a word)?  We had corned beef, cabbage and potatoes, and my dad took it upon himself to put about twelve drops of green food coloring in my red ale.  After my mom and I explained that even for an entire cake you only need two or three drops, I switched beers with him and he was left with green teeth.

Anyway, I was planning on bringing over a green dessert to complete everything and when I asked Ryan for ideas, he suggested something eco-friendly... so clever, my husband is.  After that witty comment, he said he wanted carrot cake, which also happens to be my number one favorite dessert, so I decided to make the first one I ever have.  And Ryan said it was the best he's ever had!  Plus, it counts as green since the little carrots I made (out of real carrot shavings, by the way... everyone thought it was sugar or something) had little green leafs.  So it totally counts as something green.

I hope everyone had a good week, although for a lot of people, myself included, it has been a looong week.  We have a wonderful weekend planned and hopefully I'll be back before than with a "what I'm loving" post.  We shall see...

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