Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday, always has been, regardless of my relationship status or how many Valentines I had in my school mailbox as a kid.  I think a part of it has to be the two symbolic colors, red and pink.  I used to refuse to let my mom dress me as a kid and would wear these hot pink stretch pants with a red striped shirt.  Even though it's not what my parents would have preferred I would have left the house in, just look at the Victoria's Secret campaign colors now, right?  I was on to something.

I get all excited for the hearts, chocolate, little notes and all the other lovey-dovey stuff and while perusing some of my favorite blogs and websites, I found these little pieces of eye candy just in time for the holiday o' love.  I really do believe it's all the adorable little things that come along with Cupid that just give me the warm n' fuzzies inside.  I love the colors, shapes and symbols of Valentine's Day oh so much, it makes me smile.
You could add a little Spanish flair with these adorable "corazones conversación".  I'm pretty sure that's the literal translation of heart, as in the internal organ, but whatever.  I also LOVE this Andy Warhol mug!  Wouldn't it just make your day to have your morning coffee out of that?  See, Valentine's Day really does make me such a sap.

This last picture is my favorite.  How sweet is that little heart-shaped button used as a cufflink?  Not sure if the husband would be as sweet and actually wear it though...  but maybe since we're planning on staying in and making dinner ourselves it would be a possibility.  Even though we're all about dining out every chance we get to indulge our foodie tendencies, we decided to forgo long lines, annoyed servers and watching awkward first dates for the comforts of home.  That's not to say we're not enjoying a fabulous meal though.  I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day, you have to love love!

Mug image found here, conversation heart image found here, button image found here, lollipop image found here, plant image found here.

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