This past weekend, Ryan, my parents and I headed up to Frisco to do some cross-country skiing.  Now, I've never done this before and given the fact that I grew up in Colorado yet do not ski or snowboard (very well at least, I've done both but I'm terrible) made me excited yet skeptical.  But hey, it's flat right?  Shouldn't be too hard... and it wasn't really!  It was fun, and let me tell you, the workout of my life.  We went on Sunday, today is Thursday, and I am still sore.  Here's the first picture of the day, my husband trying to recover from a fall faster than I could whip out my camera from my coat pocket with gloves on.

I definitely fell a few times myself (with much more drama of course) but that's why I carry the camera, right? 

So we skied the day away, my mom would have gone for several more hours but the rest of us were dead, and headed to a local brewery to replenish every last calorie we burned with beer and potato skins.  Yum...  Anyway, here's a few more pics I was able to take in the midst of my first cross-country skiing adventure.  I seriously remember thinking "Is this picture really worth it?" every time I got my camera out.

It was a lot of fun, I like the whole idea of having your skis in tracks because it makes it much harder for them to cross, as mine always did when I was younger... although I did still manage to cross them a few times.  I also managed to get going too fast and skied right on top of my dad's skis in the track coming from behind him.  Oops... oh well, fun day!

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